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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeMaupin, Jan 24, 2004.

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    I started doing some lawn care work for myself 2 years ago to make some extra money because I had lost a dream job and from that to the unemployment line was tough ! I started out with just your basic residential equipment and two jobs, and have not made an attempt to advertise at all. When the second year had come around I had blown up to about 15 jobs and by years end I grew to 20 customers with the promise of 5 more for this next season.Other than my very basic equipment I have not invested anything in my business exept for a hedge trimmer, and a pressure washer in which I had more than doubled my money on that by years end.I dont even have a trailer. I work a full time job on midnight shift and by day and weekends I am doing lawncare.

    I want to first say I love this work and the people. I love the satisfaction in a job well done and that my work gives my customers.I would like to take it to another level and get to doing this full time. I have no insurance and no business license.I plan on making about a 2000 doller investment for this cause this season. I had planned on buying a trailer,new comm weedeater, and a comm grade Cub cadet powered push mower.I also plan on a new comm blower.I am serious about growing and making this work, I want to make this explode into a full time business.

    What should I do ? I know there is alot of experience on this board and many of you have been where I am at now.I know I need to crawl a bit before I run but I think I have and I am ready to run now.Do I go all out and go for the walkbehind or ztr now ?Do I come up with a name and logo for my business and get a license and insurance.What are the proper steps to getting to where I want to be ?I would really appreciate help of people who have been there and learned from the hard way and the bottom up.I know this may be the wrong board for this subject but there seemed to be more action on this board than any other.I am also doing all of the work by myself with no other help exept from my wife once in a while when I get far behind.What kind of investment would you make with $2000 if in my shoes ?Sorry for the great length but I wanted to give as much info as possible to get the best advice possible.One more thing I do not wish to get any loans or finance any equipment at all, just cash only.Please help and give me a step by step format of the steps I should take in priority to achieve this goal of a full time business and or what investment should I make with $2000 this season.

    Thank You, Mike
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    Dont know what your yards are and only you can have proper insite to specific needs, but here are some of my suggestions. First I would get a decent used commercial mower 36" wb (check locally and e-bay, will have to drive to get) and a 6.5' x 12' trailer used (dont get smaller, you will regret). Insurance is obviosly the smart thing to do as it protects your interests so get it. then pick up trimmer & blower.
    Good luck
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    Mike, if I were in your shoes the first thing I would do is get liability insurance. Then, with the $2000 I would get a used hydro 48" walk behind. I would personally put that $2000 down and finance the balance of a new one. I would suffer through a few months of cheap trimmers and blowers untill you can pay cash for good ones. I would also hold off the license untill you're sure you want to do this full time. Good luck.
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    I agree, the first two things I would get is insurance and a good wb mower. You will never regret buying a commercial mower!

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