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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by flakebortch, Jul 17, 2009.

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    Please don’t jump me for being an amateur, but my very best lawn care/ mulch/ whimsical landscape customer now needs her driveway fixed because she just bought a new BMW, and the potholes drive her nuts. I’ve got a 5 X 8 heavy duty landscape trailer. She has a quarter mile long dirt driveway with some potholes and washouts. She’d like a price on fixing her driveway, but when I talked to her she didn’t know exactly what she meant by “fixed”. So now, I’m the professional, and I should be able to help her understand what she needs. I make roughly 25% of my revenue from this lady and stand to make some more gravy, but this isn’t something I’ve worked with other than what a foreman ordered me to do.
    She has a dirt driveway, and I’ve found more ½ inch stone than anything else that you’d find in a stockyard but not an overwhelming amount. The driveway can’t be more than 3-5 years old. Should I fill in the potholes with shale or ½ stone? Again, this is not my area of expertise, so I don’t know what sort of stone went into the driveway, but it seems like a shaley, gravely sort of grey mix. What should I suggest?
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    How big are the holes? My driveway is the same and I would fill it with 21A/CR6 and they just come back. I then put #3's in the holes and 21A/CR6 over top (helps lock it in) and no more problems. I drive up to 28,000 lbs over it........I'm sure her BMW will be okay.

    I would suggest filling the holes with the bigger stone and then having her whole driveway top dressed with 21A/CR6.
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    how much would u charge for what tthomass suggested?

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