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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by economiclawncare, Apr 29, 2004.

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    i have a job to bid on that is about 924 sq feet. What i need to do is bring this area level with the rest of the yard. need to make it about 3 inches thick then need to come back and put mulch on top of that. also need to clean it up it is not really that bad for the clean up part what do you think i should charge. bulid it up with topsoil or compost.

    topsoil= 25.99 a yard
    compost= 24.99 a yard
    mulch= 15.00 a yard

    How much does a yard of topsoil/compost cover at 3 inches thick is it the same amount as mulch.

    thanks for your help
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    I don't have the link, someone else here might and you may be able to do a search and find, but I found a landscape "calculator" that you punch in the amount of square feet the thickness and whether or not it was compacted and it tells you how many yards you need.

    BTW, if you find it send me a PM with the link will you :) sorry for the half a$$ed response.

    Good luck
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    Home depot or lowes will have a contractor calculator that works good, calculates sq ft by inches of depth of dirt needed and estimates yds of dirt needed.
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    It's easy to calculate by hand. I don't understand how people can't think it through and arrive at the right number....

    Here's how you do it:
    Divide the number of inches of depth you want by 12.
    Take that number times your square footage. This gives you cubic feet.
    Divide the cubic feet by 27 (3x3x3=27 cubic feet per cubic yard, d'uh).
    That is the number of cubic yards you need.

    You don't need a "mulch" calculator, you just need a little common sense.

    For this one, you have 924 square feet, 3 inches thick. Here's the calculations:
    3 / 12= .25
    .25 * 924= 231
    231 / 27= 8.55 yards

    See? It wasn't that hard....

    Yes, I am being a smarta$$, but it really ISN'T that hard......................


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