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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by T.E., Apr 8, 2003.

  1. T.E.

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    Hey guys I did a search, but did not find what i needed. I have a lady that wants me to bring in two dump truck loads of top soil for her and spread it for her I have never priced this sort of thing so I don't know where to start any help would be appreciated

  2. paponte

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    6 wheel... 10 wheel... How many yards?
  3. NYRookie

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    What size dump trucks? If it were small loads, I would try to do it by hand. If it were big, like I believe it is, I would look into renting a skidsteer or tractor with a loader. I have a tractor with a loader and it works good for that kind of project, it leaves a small imprint on any existing lawn that is still there.
  4. baddboygeorge

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    if its single axles about 8- 10 ton each load . i would charge 300 a load an thats spread. the dirt here only costs me 85 a load . that leaves 430 in profit . get a bobcat for 75 dollars for 4 hours an get the job done in a few hours an make 355 clear profit!! get busy
  5. Mike Bradbury

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    I'd use a box blade (grader box) to spread it. much quicker and easier to get it level and smooth.
  6. Green Pastures

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    What He ^^^^ said.
  7. mdvaden

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    More info needed.

    How far is the soil going to be moved?

    Can it be scooped off hardtop? Or will it be dumped on soil?

    Will it be moved over landscape or lawn that can be damaged?

    We use tractor, and manual methods.

    For manual, we keep a stack of plywood. Its 4' x 8' sheets cut into 4 foot long, 12" wide strips. They stack easy, and we lay them out end to end for wheelbarrow traffic over lawn to reduce the Pounds per Square Inch.

    In fact, those are good for shrub beds too. It is really bad for bed soil to be severely compressed by 100 trips with a wheelbarrow.
  8. T.E.

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    The dump trucks are ten wheel trucks, and the dirt can be dumped right where it is to be spread. It is just a low place that needs to be leveled. Thanks for the input so far.

  9. Henry

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    How deep is the low area? You may need to throw in some fill first.

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