dirt with glass rocks tar and more put on top of our lawn

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by futureshock2, Aug 22, 2005.

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    This spring a water main broke in our yard which belonged to a neighbor. The truck used to fix it made huge ruts in our yard. The type of dirt used to refill these ruts is the problem. We want to know what type of dirt was used to fill in these ruts on top of our lawn. Here is what we have found in the dirt so far:

    Green styrofoam, black vinyl screen, brown and clear broken glass, large chunks of asphalt, and many many rocks.

    Over the summer this dirt has hardened like a rock. Strange vegetation is growing in it.

    What was put on our lawn? What kind of dirt is this? We were suposed to be getting screened loam.

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    fill dirt- rd. ditch cleanings probably
    Call the responsable govt. entety and they should make it right for you. We done a lot of this kind of work. 1st in your your case water company send out a cple. guys to fix it. If you complain then they have contractors that they call to do the job right.
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    Thank-you for your relpy. rd=road, right?

    Also, the water pipe is the responsibility of the homeowner behind us. He hired the contracters to fix the pipe, and also to put the dirt on our lawn, so we must deal with him to fix it.

    He told us he paid nothing for the dirt, even though the contracter told us it would be "$300 for 20 yards of loam".

    Obviously what happened was the homeowner told the contracter something different after that, but what? Just use fill dirt from road dicth cleaning, or something to that effect? We know he didn't want to pay any money.

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