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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by denis wilson, Feb 25, 2003.

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    i have two ponds in my back garden,both ponds have no filters or areation at all,both are 8ft by 6ft and 2ft-6 ins deep and have ben up n running for 3 years.the two ponds are both stocked with koi and goldfish. i have had no problems at all with either pond until now.one pond has crystal clear water and the other has very cloudy,inky water. i have lost a couple of fish over the last week,i dont 't really want to introduce a filter would aeration alone solve the promblem.Some kind soul please advise.

    denis wilson.
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    I have seen a couple of aerators in action in some rather nasty ponds, I was amazed when I went back to see them a few months later. They had improved dramatically. The water was clearer and the bad smell was gone. I am by no means a pro but I would give one a try. Check out the Water Garden \ Pond Forum for some more in depth info.

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    You have too many fish in the pond...
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    how is the lawn & landscape industry in Ireland. with all the Iraqi and such going on in the news we don't here much about whats going on in your neck of the woods anymore.

    my dad has 2 large koi ponds that are connected by a small stream he has at least 60 fish in his ponds from 4 inch gold fish to 24 inch koi. He aerates his pond in the winter. He uses a large filtration system in the summers. only time they look bad is when it gets real hot and has some algae blooms. I think one of the keys to any great pond are lots of plants. My dads ponds are almost covered in the summer with his hardy water lilys and other plants that he has. water is almost always crystal clear. I would say a filter would solve your problem and make your pond a happy one :) . but then agian im not a pond expert just speaking from what my dad has gone through in the past 8 years. He also started with no filteration and had the same probloms your having

    im sure you have done some research on this heres a web site I found
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    Did you change anything? Add new fish, remove plants, not clean it, feed them too much?

    It's kind of odd that they would be OK for so long, then suddenly one of them go's bad. Check the pond forum, it's kind of dead but if you do a search there is some good info.

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