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    Just kind of throwing this out there for some advice. I just hired on a kid with a hearing disability. He is completely def in one ear and has a hearing aid in the other, but still only hears a little out of it. He has the speach impediment too. He reads lips, but communication is still hard. Do any of you work with or have hired someone with a diability and how did you or are you getiing around it. :confused:

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    I used to work with a totally deaf guy, he had some experience so didn't have to train him really. He couldn't read lips so instead he'd write little notes all day, like "Can we stop at 7-11?" (NO :laugh: )

    All in all he was pretty good. I remember one day he was doing something a customer didn't like and she kept yelling "EXCUSE ME" and finally she looked at me and said "What is he, F-ing deaf or something???" So I said "Well...actually...." :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    Yeah, this guy doesn't have a whole lot of experiance. so its kind of dificult. I had his vocational counselor out at the job site today explaining things to him. He is a nice kid and wants to do this. but I need him up to speed quickly. :hammerhead:
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    You think you have problems, all of my employees are invisible :laugh:
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    WOW... Try and catch them screwing off... LOL... :laugh: :drinkup:
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    I worked with someone who read lips and after some time I got used to it.
    My brother in law was deaf in one ear and I would constantly forget about
    it and think he was ignoring me while he drove his truck (deaf in right ear)
    and he got along just fine.

    I think you can actually get federal assistance for hiring someone with a

    Give the guy a chance, The Sheriff of my hometown was blind in one eye
    and nobody ever knew till he told them years after retirement. Great guy.

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