Disabilty Insurance for Owners

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what kind of policy might be out there in the event I, as the owner of the company, am disabled or hurt on the job. Problem is that because I dont draw a salary from the company there is nothing that Workman's Comp and/or Disabilty can base anything on. But if I really hurt myself and can't work, then what helps my family financially?
Does anyone have the same problem?

James Cormier

LawnSite Bronze Member
Now you can get workmen's comp with out drawing a salary, they base it on $43,000 ( if your the owner) even if you dont pay yourself thats what the premuim is based on. In past you had to be incorparated to get workmen's comp for the owner, not so anymore.

So Disabilty Insurance is the cheaper way to go, You decide what amounts you want to pay and that reflexs what you would collect.

I have disabilty on myself and my wife,( she is self employed as well)......but you really should be asking this question to your Insurance agent not us.