Disabling seat kill switch on zero turn Ferris?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Ramairfreak98ss

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    I know almost ALL mowers have this for years, as the zero turns go 10-12mph usually, me being 175lbs easily bounces off the seat at way less than full throttle and full speed ahead... anyone ever disable this switch? Is it a ground i can ground out and remove the seat switch? Seems the Kohler is always trying to kill itself over every bump. :( :realmad:
  2. Fubba

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    I'm not familiar with Ferris. However, all kill switches work the same way. What happens is, when weight is put on the switch, a piece of metal is pushed down between two sides. When this happens, current runs through. When there's no weight, there's no current. Basically what has to happen is you have to bypass the switch. To do this, either get the two wires out of the switch altogether or cut them off of either side. Strip the ends and either solder them together or use a wire cap. If you plan on doing this, make sure you don't cut anywhere you might flip off. Otherwise, you may fall off and the mower flip on top of you and well we know what happens.
  3. DBL

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    i run a bungee cord from the lip of the seat to some peice of metal by the motor and it keeps the seat pulled down and the motor running so i can hop off and pick up stuff in the yard and hop back on and not waste turing the blades on and off
  4. TheKingNJ

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    Got the perfect solution for that. I have the same mower, had the same problem.

    I took a HD zip tie and locked it under the spring so when the seat pops up the zip tie hits the washer before the kill button hits it. I usally have to replace the zip tie 2 time a season but it works well.
  5. git er done landscaping

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    you guy's might want to discuss this in private. i'm not being a smartazz but some forums have rules against this as its considered illegal.
  6. leadarrows

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    If you guys are going to do this the safest way is to bypass the seat switch with a toggle switch. This way you can leave the switch in the position that allows the safety seat to work as designed but it will also allow you to temporally bypass the seat switch so you can get off to pick up trash or let your engine warm-up/cool-down as the case may be. No manufacture is ever going to give you there blessing on this because of the liabilty issues and the fact that that safety switch can and has prevented serious injuries. Don't bypass that switch in the manner others have describe...for you own well being don't permanently disable it.
  7. Ramairfreak98ss

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    Sounds good, i just looked at the switch type thing tonight, it seems as you say its just a washer that makes contact, ill try anything soft just to nudge in there and see if that helps.

    how is the is 3000 Ferris? i wanted that, but when i saw it it was a monster looking in size! lol, i just got my first zero turn and its plenty for now, ill probably get a 3000 though next time.

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