Disadvantages of a box truck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Outdoors_Unlimited, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. The LawnRanger

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    I own a 2010 Isuzu Diesel with open Landscaper bed with Detachable dovetail and I like mine very well enclosed would be nice for one reason and that would be to keep equipment out of elements I have a morton building I keep mine in so not really in the elements any ways. As far as doing clean up work I use it just detach the dovetail and the bed is a dump bed Pictures on my profile or go to Pictures thread under my new rig Im very happy with mine I looked at the enclosed ones also and seen more pros in getting the open landscaper
  2. Agape

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    you will reeeaaally miss the truck and open trailer in the leaf season.
  3. Richard Martin

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    I would be very concerned about the cost of the fuel to drive the cube van around and then to come back at the end of the week just to pick up the grass clippings. In your case a 1/2 ton pickup with a 6 by 12 trailer would be fine and as economical as it gets.
  4. bradseabridge

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    Man, THAT THIS IS AWESOME!!! I want one of those so bad, exactly like that, removable dovetail and a dump bed. I just don't want the crew cab the standard cab is all I need.
  5. PLS-Tx

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    We have been thinking about getting a box truck. I do not want our employees pulling a trailer.

    I would keep the truck and enclosed trailer we are using now, so if the box truck had to go in the shop it would not be a problem.

    As far as bagging grass, plowing snow, or hauling leaves we don't do any of that.
  6. beamslawnservice

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    i'm thinking of getting one with a 16' bed just for mowing i pull a 16' tailer now and i think it would be easier to drive around just for mowing if i need to haul off debree on a job i would just take my open trailer to mow that day beem thinking about this all season everything dry and safe much easier to manuver but i do think you need more than one truck in this bussiness as far as height just have a dove tail with ramp put on the back it what i'm going to do
  7. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    I will still have a truck and trailer around so I'm not thattttttt worried about the debris. Worse case, the one day we bag lawns I will just follow in the truck (it'll be my "personal" truck.
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  8. The LawnRanger

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    Bed manufactured by Wil-ro inc. out of Gallatin Tn. they have a video of how the dovetail comes off and the dump bed in action check it out I gave $52,000 for truck brand new had it bout a month now I still have a trailer and my truck but I had to keep it so I can haul my Bobcat when we do hard scape and Pools
  9. PTP

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    A major disadvantage for me is the issue that arises when a truck breaks down. With a truck/trailer setup, I can and have simply swapped out the truck and kept on going. I have never had a trailer that wouldn't pull yet but I suppose that buying a new one on the spur of a moment would work if nothing else would.

    With a box truck, what are you going to do? Are you going to put everything on hold while you get a new water pump installed? I think that you would still need some sort of a back up system - either another box truck or a truck/trailer combo that could be put into service with short notice. Other than that, I am all for it.
  10. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    My plan includes three trucks. A cube for the lawn crew. A dump for the landscape crew. And my personal pickup.

    I would buy a used cube van as they seem to be very reasonable in price. You can't buy a half ton and an enclosed for the price of a cube van.
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