Disadvantages of a box truck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Outdoors_Unlimited, Oct 12, 2010.


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    We get it!!! You are a boss at driving a truck and trailer! Also you don't like box trucks. You seem to disagree with everyone on just about everything on this site. Some people have different opinions... I know it's a tough concept to grasp.
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  2. yardguy28

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    and i can't post my opinion like everyone else does? i could say the same thing about you........:hammerhead:

    i can't help it you see my opinions and ideas as disagreeing with everyone on everything on this site. and frankly if thats the way you feel oh well.

    did it ever occur to you that maybe the OP never thought about driving in the grass to turn the rig around?

    yes i know everyone has different opinions. since when are threads started to hear ONLY the people that agree with what is being talked about?
  3. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    Yardguy, ill guarantee I can drive a trailer as good or better than you. Its that I'm looking for efficiency and ill guarantee a box truck gets better mileage, has less parts to maintain, and it will do everything your trailer will aside from hauling clippings.

    I've worked out of trailers for 16 years now, and I will be buying a box truck within the month.
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  4. The LawnRanger

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    I agree I own a open Landscaper had it little over a month now and I get way better fuel mileage then I did when I was pulling a trailer, takes up less room
  5. sdk1959

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    Can't turn around on the grass on either property I mentioned in my previous post. The one has a retaining walls and trees on both sides almost up to the house where the driveway widens. The other one the driveway and the yard slope down steeply with the house and trees, shrubs on both sides where the driveway widens. You'd pass on both them if you saw them, unless you had a box truck or a 8' trailer. Anything longer you & can't turn around or park on the street , no shoulder, highway traffic.
  6. sdk1959

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    That's what I say, if you have a box truck and separate vehicle for personal use, hauling loose material in trailers are it's only advantage.
  7. milkie62

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    I know if I used a box truck I would need one helluva long ramp to get my 3100 Ferris up without scraping bottom.Right now I use a Bri-Mar lo profile dump with landscape ramp and I have to add 2' ramp extensions on plus tilt the bed to keep from scraping the rear of the mower on the pavement.I would never beable to use a cube van.
  8. PLS-Tx

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    We have a is3100 and plan to get a box truck. I'm just not sure what legth to get. There is one for sell locally it's 11-12', I guess that would work for 1 ztr. Our enclosed is 20' and I wish it was longer sometimes.

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    Most of the dedicated lawn box trucks have 4ft dovetails with 4' ramps on the dovetail. I know guys that have these and get their turf tigers or big 72" toro ztrs up them and never scrape. But that is a very valid point.
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  10. sdk1959

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    I'm looking to buy a 12' box truck next season, have a 10' now, just a tad too small. There is always a demand for used box trucks because they are so versatile for so many types of businesses compared to a trailer so I'll get a good price whether I sell it or trade it in.

    You will absolutely love using a box truck and will be able to get onto difficult properties on busy highways where you can't park in the street and have no room to turn around in the driveway with a truck and trailer. Good luck with your box truck purchase.:)

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