Disadvantages of a box truck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Outdoors_Unlimited, Oct 12, 2010.

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    A cheap extension is to cut and use 2 30" 10" x 2" boards, cut a notch in them on one end to hook onto the first or second rung of the ramp to keep it from moving when you drive the mower up or down. That should keep the mower from bottoming out. Works for me.
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    My 3100 Ferris has the 32 Briggs and the muffler is way down low.The rear frame is tapered to help but still is way to close to the ground.My buddies 3000 Ferris is higher up in the rear so he has no problem.I am running about 7.5-8'ramps right now plus using the bed tilt about 10-12".I know my trailer sits a bit higher than a regular landscape trailer but it must be lower than a cube van.
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    I am just pointing out the disadvantage to my Ferris other than loading I love it.
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    That is a good point on dragging up the ramp and also broken mowers.

    I only run a ztr for cleanups, and walkbehinds are easy to get around that issue.
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    Oh yes, we love our Ferris also, only regret is we did not make the switch sooner. :)
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    well enjoy it. everyone is intitled to use what they like. not every thing is for everyone.

    i hope you like it and it works well for you.
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    What's up everybody! This is my first post.

    I was doing a Google search for "dovetail box truck" and came upon this thread. I've read the entire thread..

    I have a 1998 Ford E350 box truck... pictures are attached.

    I love it. Suits my business very well for a number of reasons.....

    1. Security. I don't have to worry about theft, whether it is while on a job site or parked at night.
    2. Sheltered. All equipment is sheltered from the elements of weather. That means rain, wind, ice, snow, etc. This increases the life of the equipment and we all pay enough for our commercial equipment to want to keep it for as long as possible, and keep it running correctly.
    3. Discreet. No one knows exactly what is on my truck as far as equipment or cargo goes. I say this because there have been some cases in Atlanta where some guys have gotta jacked at gunpoint for their truck & trailer full of equipment. If they cannot see what I have, they cannot gauge the risk of trying to take it. They don't know if I have a couple $100 push mowers and some Ryobi curved shaft trimmers or 2 eXmark Lazer Z's.

    You can see I have everything organized. All the hand tools are in the Trimmer Trap that I have mounted on the wall of the box, it's very convenient. When I get the money I will be adding the backpack blower racks and backpack sprayer rack.

    I currently have mine for sale for two main reasons;
    1. I want a diesel for better fuel mileage.
    2. I need a dovetail ramp to load my eXmark Lazer Z 52" safely. Not pictured.

    I'd also like to mention some other advantages of having a box truck vs. a truck & trailer. The turning radius of a box truck is going to always be tighter than a truck & trailer. There is also a bit of privacy with a box truck. There have been a few times where I've gotten rained on due to me want to "get it done" and I was able to change in to dry clothes in the back and continue my route without having to go home to change, quit for the day, or continue my route in soaking wet clothes, socks, & shoes. Also, there has to be a safety advantage that a box truck has seeing as how all equipment is central and contained.


  8. Fresh_Cut

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    Oh yeah......... Ferris Sux!

    eXmark rules! :laugh:

    just messin' wit y'all, never used a ferris
  9. yardguy28

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    i need to point out for everyone who states security, shelter and discreet as the advantages for a box truck that an enclosed trailer offers the exact same advantages.

    i keep seeing those 3 reasons as the advantages for a box truck vs. a truck/trailer set up.
  10. MnGreen

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    You still have a truck & trailer or 2-units, cant be much clearer to understand.
    Person wanting a single unit is looking to eliminate the trailer.

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