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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ElephantNest, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. ElephantNest

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    Bought a brand new Next Lazer Z, and I am having trouble with it leaving the shoots of Bahia sticking up. Unless I have very fresh blades, it refuses to cut it. I normally sharpen blades every 8 hours or so, but find myself having to sharpend them twice as often with the new machine.

    I sent an email to eXmark over two weeks ago, with NO REPSONSE. WTH???

    Spend $10,600 on a mower, and they can't even return an email? No phone call? I told my dealer the first couple of days of owning it, and he got a rep from eXmark to come down, took my machine for the day, put about 10 minutes on the hour meter, and then called me and said "Ok, it's ready". I get to my dealer's, and guess what they did to it?? They changed the blades. Wow, if only I could have thought of that.

    Sure it will cut fine with fresh blades, but my other 2 eXmarks cut better even with older blades......the rep said the deck is the same as my old Ultra-Cut....well it sure doesn't cut like it. My Turf Tracer and my 60"/31HP out cut this machine 2 to 1. I have to slow to a crawl to cut Bahia after a few hours on the blades......makes it almost quicker to use the 36".

    I have used eXmark for 20 years, and I expected MUCH MORE in the way of customer relations. I emailed them one simple question, WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY. NO RESPONSE WELL OVER TWO WEEKS.


    Anyone else having any troubles with their new "Next Lazer Z"?
  2. dishboy

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    The good news is they have a special on KY jelly
  3. tamadrummer

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    This is what worries me about the Toro G-3 because I demoed a Grandstand and it did the same thing but it sounds like mine was worse. Fresh blades and stringers everywhere as well as the center blade barely even cutting.

    Bahia was the turf as well for me. It just does not seem as if the deck has enough volume of space for the amount of grass that is filling them. My John Deere 727a out-cut the Grandstand hands down.

    I will be demoing a G3 so I can see if I should buy one but I may be stuck with buying a Cub Tank if the demo proves bad with the Toro.

    One of our huge Golf courses just switched from Toro and John Deere Golf machines to Hustler.

    May be a reason....... I don't know.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Now that truely is funny. I don't lol very often but I did on that! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

    Anyway... You're not the first to complain about the Exmark decks and Bahia. There's 5 or 6 complaints in this thread.


    I'm not trying to put in a plug for Dixie but... My Dixie really pretty easily cuts Bahia. It gets all of it on the first pass. If the Bahia gets really thick though it will ocassionally have a little trouble discharging the stuff. I've cut side by side with a 72" Hustler and the results were pretty even.

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Keep after the company, if exmark is any sorta company at all they will respond to you. If not then it sounds like everyone elses complaints on the exmark line are true. Verry poor customer support. There are many other brands of mowers out there that are just as good and even better then the exmark machines. And they need to wake up and realize that!
  6. nmanley

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    Seems like they changed something in the deck design since you have the other decks to compare with. Only thing you can do and hope a different blade type will give the lift needed to help THAT deck cut up to the standards of your older decks which MAYBE don't need as much lift to cut Bahia good.
  7. mowerbrad

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    The Ultra Cut deck on your Next Lazer should be the series 6 ultra cut deck. This deck was designed to replace the triton decks. I'm pretty sure that there is some difference between this series 6 deck and your older ultra cut decks, but I'm not entirely sure how different.
  8. White Gardens

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    Be careful of the tank. I've never cared for the quality of MTD products. A couple of old cub-dealers have stated that once MTD took over, they wouldn't carry cub-products any more.

    Dixie Chopper Thumbs Up. With all the company acquisitions, Dixie seems to be standing strong on building American made quality that isn't touched by corporate hands.
  9. johnslandscaping

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    I owned exmark for over 10 years. When I demoed the next I thought it lacked in every way compared to last years models. For 10K they need to step it up because now we are going to hustler on new machines but will continue to by used exmark machines. I would try to return it even if you lose a little now. I am Very disapointed in exmark/Toro
  10. GravelyGuy

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    Strange, please explain.

    When you are running a "professional" service it should be no big deal to sharpen blades every day or two. When they are sharp I don't think the cut can be beat. Every four hours seems like overkill, but I'm glad I have no experience with bohia.

    My major complaint in over 200 hours is that the ultracut is pathetic in wet grass. It can handle grass up to your knees if it's dry, but it can't even handle 2" of growth if it's wet, just call it an ultraCLUMP if wet.

    The ultimate combo would be a Scag TT and an Exmark NLZ. The best of both worlds. There would be no room for complaint with that setup.

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