Disappointed with shinduawa hedge trimmer

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ed2hess, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. untranslate

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    I have had this happen to a few unit over time. But not until i had busted up a second pair of blades in them. They will last a long time if you are nice to them (im not) Got to watch out for those iron fences.
    Ive never seen one with an anti tamper screw. Usually it has a hex bolt.
  2. newz7151

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    Saw that missing in your first picture but figured you had taken it out to start taking this apart.. and what are you talking about an anti tamper screw?
  3. newz7151

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    Non-articulating ones don't have near the same weight or bounce on the gearbox as they are rigid and not as prone to flexing.
  4. newz7151

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  5. 44DCNF

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    Tamper-proof hardware bits are available inexpensively at harbour freight.
  6. BigFish

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    Yeah, thats what I was talkin about. I made up a short brace/strap that went from the corner gearcase cover bolt to the bolt where ya got yer screwdriver.

    And , as was mentioned, there aint no tamper proof hardware on them units, period!( I don't know where you come up with some of this chit!!)
  7. ed2hess

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    Thanks that is one option

    I have those but the screw was toooo tight stripped it.:cry:

    I don't make all this stuff up just didn't get right name..



    Now that I stripped it i almost ready to throw in the towel.


  8. jkilov

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    Are these otherwise a good unit? I've heard the case comes off a homeowner hedge trimmer.

    I was planning to buy one, the local dealer has a sale going on. Not sure about it anymore.
  9. themadcutter

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    Hedge trimmers, especially extended reach, get a lot of wear because of the way they have to operate. The way the back and forth motion has to be created in a light gear box is just trouble waiting to happen. I guess they could make a nice 10 pound all steel gear box and sacrifice some cutter speed.

    but in reality extended reach hedge trimmers fail and it is a problem across the industry. From the stihl, echo, shindaiwa hedge trimmers I have dealt with (both my use and as parts or ones I have repaired) failed gears are common but fully cracked open gear boxes seem much more unusual.

    I think extended reach hedge trimmers are all hit or miss no matter what brand

    I have had the same extended reach hl75 stihl articulating hedge trimmer for at least 10 years with 0 problems but I do not use it a lot. I just shape a few trees a year with it now so its not really a fair comparison.
  10. BigFish

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    It sure looks to be a tamper proof Torx screw, with the little peg in da middle!!
    I've worked on a lot of Echo stuff, and I aint never seen a TP screw on any. Prolly some moron stuck it in there!

    Take a flat punch an nail it on the head, then tap yer bit in and unscrew it.

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