Disappointed with walker leaf collection

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Greenery, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Greenery

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    Hey guys, I'm looking for some suggestions as to what to look for and check on my walker to get it to actually pick the leaves up without having to go over the area 3-4 times. During the summer i run a side discharge deck that cuts nicely other than the fact it only throws the clippings about a foot.
    But now that were in the fall I threw on my 42" ghs deck to pick up some leaves and it is just pitiful. As of right now it is the worst bagging machine I have ever used comparing to scag, lesco walk behinds and standers which all had metal baskets. Now the reason I got this machine was because people say it is great for bagging so I know it has the potential I just need to figure out what is wrong. It is a 2003 mcghs 42" deck the blower belt has less than 20 hrs on it same with the blades and yes they are on correctly the impeller looks to be in good shape no sharp edged or noticeably worn fins. the deck shell is in decent shape it might be tweaked just a little but overall it's pretty decent. Soo any suggestions cause right now i'm ready to ditch the thing. It's been very frustrating and embarrassing
  2. C.G.Y. Lawnmowing

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    I know u mentioned this, but make sure again your blades are on the correct sides. There is a right and left hand side to those blades. I had mine on wrong and it wouldn't back worth a crap. Alps, check to see how your deck pitch is looking that could make a difference as well. Hope this helps you!
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  3. Kutz Lawns

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    Have your dealer look at it!

    Why in the world would this post be moved? I don't understand!

    The guy is asking a question about his mower, just like everyone else does!
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  4. starry night

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    Is the chute plugging up first? Or is the hopper filling before it doesn't pick up anymore?
    One trouble with the Walker is that it sucks up leaves without shredding them. Most of the guys I know of allow it to get plugged and then mow through the leaves much like a mulching mower would do. Then they unplug and suck up the smaller remains.
  5. Greenery

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    It will fill the hopper before it plugs the chute. And ya your right it doesn't chop up the leaves much at all with either the reg blades or gator style. I'm using the regular ones now trying to get more suction. I actually find that the smaller peices are what i'm having a problem picking up. Also so you guys know this is very light leaf cover i'm trying to pick up grass is maybe 50% covered. What's a good pitch for this deck?
  6. $wheelinjimbo

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    I would check your blades if they are really worn that could be the problem. I put a really old set on my new Walker to do cleanups and they didn't suck very well so I had to sacrifice a decent set and that corrected the problem. If that doesn't work have your local dealer look at the blower. I just had a blower replaced on another one of my Walkers. Now its working like it did when it was brand new!!! The impeller didn't look that worn but my dealer recommended it. If its a 03 it may be ready. It should cost $500-$600 with installation and if pulley needs to be replaced. Good luck
  7. Greenery

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    deleted reply
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  8. Greenery

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    The blades are pretty new under 20 hrs or so. But ya i'll have to check out the blower a little more. thanks
  9. starry night

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    Your problem has me puzzled because my Walkers have great vaccuum power (although my Walkers are 48" deck) I have newer mowers with the bigger blowers now but I never had a problem a dozen years ago with smaller blowers. For the 50% leaf coverage you are talking about, I typically leave my deck in its normal position. A little heavier coverage and I put the front up a notch.
  10. mdlwn1

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    I wonder if your trying to suck them up from relatively thin grass. My 42 sucks up well from a good stand of turf.

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