Disappointing trip the Fisher plant

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  1. MJ

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    Since GeoffDiamond posted here that he visited the Fisher snowplow manufacturing plant in Rockland, I thought I would see how my plow was made and pick up the book on the history of Fisher that he'd talked about. Since it's only about 35 miles, I was going that way anyway and I wanted to look into buying a sander/spreader, I thought I'd take care of everything today. When I got to the plant I was told they don't give tours and I could only get as far as the receptionist. Nothing on display except brochures and no one to talk to about the products. They don't carry the history book and I was referred to a bookstore uptown. To discuss the sander and spreader, I was referred to a dealer in another town, another approx 20 miles out of my way (one way). Total waste of time and gas since I already had the brochures. I wanted a demonstration and to discuss speader operation, controls etc. Made an attempt to find the bookstore and gave up. Followed directions to the dealer, but it wasn't where the receptionist said. In all fairness, I wasn't in a mood to give a lot of effort, either. Gave up and came back home. Still in a bad mood. If there is a Fisher rep on this site, I would suggest considering at least a representative display of the products where people could see them and how they operate. Dealers don't really have the time and facilities. Perhaps a glass window people could observe (at least part of) the manufacturing process. I bought my plow at OConnors in Augusta so I don't think I should go to another dealer for information if I intend to purchase from OConnor (they are much closer for service). I really fail to understand why the Fisher history book isn't available at the plant. And why was my experience so much different than GeoffDiamond's?

    I am not a happy customer.

  2. Deere John

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    That's why we only go on brewery tours.
  3. MJ

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    I have been contacted by Mr John Murphy of Fisher. I would like to thank him for his attention to this and especially for making sure I'll get the history book. Please realize I still think the Fisher is a great plow and I still intend to get the spreader through Fisher.


  4. John Allin

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    Most of the manufacturer's monitor this site. And, with good reason.

    I would venture to say that your bad experience at Fisher was isolated. They DO care, as does Western (part of the same company). I've been through the Fisher plant (with a whole group from the SIMA Symposium last summer) and we were treated SUPERBLY. First Class.

    It didn't take Fisher long to get in touch with you, did it??

    That's because they care.

    Now... on the flip side, you've probably read some bashing of some other equipment on this forum, and it continues to happen with these same manufacturers...... might tell you something.

    Glad to hear Fisher contacted you. They're a good bunch.

    And you're a stand up guy for reporting that they made the contact. Good for you.
  5. GeoffDiamond

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    I guess I ran into the right person on the right day. The book is avaible at the rockland office.

    In all fairness to Fisher, the spreaders are not made in rockland. So the chances of you finding a Demo Units at the plan are slim to none. Most dealers don't have a running demo set up either.


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  6. slplow

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    MJ, I bought the fisher 1.8yd spreader this season and have to say it's one of the best spreaders on the market. I paid $2,795. cash and carry.Was very easy to install.I also got the book and they should at least if not give them out at the dealers, sell them to people that buy their stuff. you will enjoy the book.My wife got my book for xmas for me,don't know how she got it.
  7. eskals

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    I am a little miffed that you would just show up at the factory unnaounced and ask for a tour. Then, when you can't get in, you are upset?

    Most manufacturing facilites are not prepared for someone to just drop by unannounced and ask for a tour or a book or a demonstration. Remember, you are not dealing with retail people when visiting these types of places. These places do not have a full time staff devoted to giving tours or demos. They usually have other responsibilites, and PR just happens to be a part of it. I would imagine that the better plan would have been to call or email and ask for a tour. Then set something up. Any manufacturing facility that I have toured has been by appointment only.

    Its good to hear that Fisher got back with you.

  8. MJ

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    slplow - Thanks much. That's what I was after, too. A price on the spreader so I could know what I can afford and if I can mount/dismount them, etc. It's hard to walk into a dealer and say what you want unless you know something about it.

  9. plowguy06

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    does anyone know the title, price, etc of this fisher book? where could I purchase it?
  10. plowking35

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    The title is Plowing with the storm. The history of Dean Fisher, or something to the like. We did go on the tour last June, and unlike what you may think, its not as high tech as I imagined. All plows are hand welded, no robots at all. There is 85' I believe of weld in a 8' fisher plow.
    They are welded on a rotiserie, that way the welder just turns turns the plow as he goes.
    They have some very nice stamping and cutting staions as well.
    the only really high tech area in the powder coating area. And most of know how the paint sticks to western and fisher plows. I still believe they can improve on that. The main issue I see with the paint problem, is no primer. Over time the powder coat gets brittle and pulls away from the bare steel. the need a primer for the powder coat to bite into.
    Anyway in all I enjoyed the tour, and the book is great.
    I think an email to fisher will get you on the right track to securing a book.

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