Disappointment in Hustler 28hp efi

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by joallen001, May 19, 2006.

  1. joallen001

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    I just purchased one of the 60" 28hp efi. Every time I run out of gas in one of the tanks I switch the valve over to the other tank and the motor just keeps sputtering and the check engine light comes on. After a few minutes the motor shuts off cause it is not getting enough fuel to run. Then I sit there and try to start the mower over and over. It usually takes about 20 or so tries to get the mower to start up. Then I really got frustrated yesterday. The mower was running out of gas so I switched it over to the other tank which was completely full of gas and of coarse it sputters then dies. So here I go trying to get the mower to start again. I tried for probably 30 minutes to start it. By that time I ran the battery dead from trying to start the mower so many times. I then had to leave the customers house to get something to pull the mower up on the trailer. When I got back I tried to start it again and see if there was enough juice left in the battery to try turn the motor over. The motor did turn over and after the 3rd time it started right up. Can someone help me out as to what the problem is here? It gets old having to sit there for 10 minutes or more trying to start the mower everytime one tank runs out of gas. I just wish both tanks stayed open all the time.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    When switching tanks or running the unit out of fuel, you need to stop and turn the key on one position and let the fuel pump prime the system before engaging the starter.
    If this doesn't take care of it, e-mail me and I will have our customer service department take care of you.

  3. Keith

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    Pj is right. On my Lazer with EFI, I turn the key on (without starting) for a couple of seconds repeatedly to prime it. My Lazer does exactly what you describe if you don't get the tank swapped before you run the line dry.
  4. CottonPatch

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    You can try this also. Standing at the back of the machine looking towards the front of the mower. On the left hand side towards the top of the mower is a black metal fuel line. In this fuel line is an air valve just you like on a tire. Take the cap off and depress while turning the key on and off several times. This will definitely get rid of any air in the lines.
  5. gps_jetskier

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    Actually that's not uncommon at all in fuel injected stuff.
    I was told with my John Deere tractor to never let it run out of gas completely or it may not prime the fuel injectors again without manually doing something. I think you'll always have to watch the fuel no matter what you do.

  6. puppypaws

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    All you need to do to keep from being disappointed is to read your engine manual, " EFI Engines Only-Running out of Fuel (Dry System) a. Turn the key switch to the "on" position for one minute. Allow the fuel pump to cycle and prime the system. Turn the key switch "off". b. Turn the key switch to the "start" position, crank and start the engine. I just look at my tanks and when I see the fuel level is about 1" up from the bottom of the sight gage I go ahead and change tanks this way if I would happen to slip up and run that tank dry I still have enough to get me back to some fuel. I also posted about a friend of mine that had check valve in the fuel pickup in the new tank that was stuck, you can read it in this forum, after breaking it loose he never had any more problems.
  7. blackandgold

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    I'm curious why you are always running out of gas. Don't you pay any attention to how much fuel you have? If you are a commercial mower don't you fill up daily?
  8. theservicingdealer

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    Can you tell me what fuel tanks you have. The new tanks that pull from the top or the tanks that pull from the bottom.

    This may make a difference with your issue!!!:usflag:
  9. joallen001

    joallen001 LawnSite Member
    from TN
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    yes i do fill up with gas pretty much everyday. I dont run the mower completely out of gas. I am used to the my old hustler which was not the efi. As soon as the mower started sputtering I just switched over to the other tank and everything was fine. With the efi you cant do that thanks for the help

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