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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Green in Idaho, Nov 7, 2003.

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    After some reading on the topic and witnessing behavior of ourselves it seems to me that we as an American culture make many of actions as a "reactive instead of proactive".

    People hi-jack planes with cutters- no cutters and sharp objects allowed.
    People attempt to smuggle items in their shoes- inspect everyone's shoe's.
    Anthrax goes through the postal service and we buy million dollar systems to sniff anthrax.
    SARS hits a city, and we quarantine that city instead of dealing with how viruses spread.
    Speaking of viruses- computer viruses. Everyone is chasing the latest firewall or patch to their system.
    A fire in an urban area, search for the arsonist instead of promoting fire safety.

    And there are many other examples of how we react.

    But my POINT would be that we as business owners ought to be considering things on a proactive basis.

    What risks are you, your family, your BUSINESS, your community exposed to? I'm not talking about the things insurance salesmen can sell you a policy for...

    I'm talking about how are you going to function when your employees can't come to work for a month because they are rebuilding their lives, or when your house or shop gets destroyed but your customers still need you and might even need you more.

    And how can you help when the next disaster hits?
    How can you be prepared? What disaster can you expect to happen to you and what's needed to prepare for it?

    Do you have resources that are unique and will be able to help in situations like an earthquake, major wildfires, a building collapsing, clean-up efforts after a tornado, flooding barriers, bio decontamination requirements, safe water supply delivery, etc... etc....

    To help with such efforts it often requires planning, and making arrangement before the fact such as making contacts, determining requirements from local/state agencies, and sometimes getting contracts or agreements in place before it happens. Or just having the right person knowing your phone number when they need it...

    What are you doing to prepare, what can you do to help your community for the next disaster?
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    What are you doing to prepare? I am doing nothing.
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    only you can prevent forest fires!

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