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    I am in the process of setting up new invoices and estimate forms for my fert & squirt business and was just curious how many of you have this written out on your working papers and invoices you give to clients? I showed my new forms to a local printer who is a TGCL customer and he said "where are all or your disclaimers like the ones TGCL has?" I told him the last thing I want to be is like them - but I also want to cover myself as much as possible too. I am very confidant in my work - but all of my experience was for my former employer who had no written disclaimers..... so I wasn't as concerned - but I am now going on my own (LLC). Any examples would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (And before anybody asks, YES - I am licensed and insured)
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    You need to contact your Dept. of Agriculture. They will have the exact wording that you need, as required by law. This will become part of the service agreement.
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    be upfront and honest, don't blow your customers all the b/s that tg/cl and scotts do.. explain that a lush, thick green, and healthy lawn won't happen overnight, rather it takes time. that will save the heck out of service calls also. scotts and tg/cl will show up on a new account infested with weeds on a 100deg + day and spray the hell out of it, insted you might fert it, and scedule a fall spray when it will be most effective anyway (and not kill the grass). learned the hard way treating ponds for algae! NO GUARNTEE it's a living organism subject to the enviroment temp/fert/weather.
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    Do not be foolish hire an attorney one that specializes in pest control. Check around with others you do not practice law spend the $200.00 to $300.00. Customers are smarter these days your next customer could be an attorney looking for a new lawn, which you will replace. Trust me TGLC I am not a fan of but use there logic those disclaimers are there for a reason. Your biggest fear is to write or copy somebody else’s contract Get an attorney this cannot be stressed enough…..

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    Thanks for the advise. Runner - your state requires you to attach a written disclaimer to your invoices? I am aware we are required to provide the customer with info. on what is applied and precautions for them... but thought a guarantee was just to cya...
    ATAK - you sound like you have been burned by a customer before. I don't use contracts and would not copy anyone else's if I did.... just trying to figure out how other guys set up. I will certainly look into the lawyer thing.
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    Yeah, I thought that was what you were refering to, but perhaps I was wrong. It sounds like you were just talking about a quality type guarantee. What I was reffering to, is a Risk/Benefit info sheet about pesticides that we are required to give each customer. This is part of the service agreement, as we have to have their signature on this.

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