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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bubenberg, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. bubenberg

    bubenberg LawnSite Member
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    Dear Fellow Greenkeepers,

    i am wondering, why we are not having a lobby in this forum to get us liability and health insurance at a discount.. i bet that with the numbers of members this forum shows, i think we would have a good chance.

    i know to investigate this endeavor takes time, i would volunteer my services and others hopefully will join!
  2. rodfather

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    Use the "Search" function and you will find this has been a topic a few times over the years. Yes, I agree...large group numbers and a discount would be nice. But I am not sure how it would happen with us LS members???
  3. bayfish

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    I heard an advertisement yesterday about the National Small Business Assoc. They offer discounts on liability and healthcare insurance. Website is
  4. bubenberg

    bubenberg LawnSite Member
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    i was with their health plan ... an insurance company out of TX ... i had no claims for many years but they raised the premium for 289 to 528, a month in less than 4 years.

    after about 5 month paying the 528 a month premium i broke my leg (tractor accident) ... they did not pay for the ambulance , the emergency room, the doctor but 300.00 for the x-rays ... the rest i paid ($7000.00) out of my own pocket.

    there are group plans hear like a friend of mine that has a restaurant he got in with his five employees and they pay each about $300.00. they got their insurance without any affiliation ... just group rate with blue shield blue cross and he has a hart problem, which the insurance knows about.
  5. Team Gopher

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    Hi Bubenberg,

    I think this is a great idea. Let us know what you find in your research.
  6. bubenberg

    bubenberg LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Team Gopher,

    Now i know why i still don't have my pda scheduling program, you been doing some excellent pr work on this site...hhihihihihih:waving:

    All kidding aside, i am trying with this site, but earlier very diligent attempts, by others, have failed. As you know i don't give up to easily. Have some good connection from my Vietnam Veteran days with an executive at Hartford Insurance Company.

    But i need These Fellow Grounds Keepers Backing.

    Buy Gopher products and leave the scheduling and billing worries to them. 4 some years user

  7. bubenberg

    bubenberg LawnSite Member
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    My is to provide to the Greenindustry and down the road all Small Business Owners and their employees, affordable coverage like the US government and large industry.

    What we need is your input, your desires, your insurance coverage experiences and knowledge :) about the insurance and our own industry as far as insurance coverage goes.

    How would you like to save and have good insurance coverage SOOOOON!? ???

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