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  2. Wolfsnout®

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    The Wolfsnout® mask fits under your nose and over your mouth. So your nose and mouth are not confined in the same compartment. This unique design combined with our depth
    loading filter foam, allows for a super easy breathing feeling. It does not trap hot C02 like the paper throwaways. Your exhaled air whisks easily away. Perfect for breathing at a
    fast paced breath. Spring through Fall, the light weight design can’t be beat in the Summer heat. The super soft face seal, and nose filter provide comfort for all day use. It will not
    clog when wet from sweat, like paper masks. Also, since it fits under your nose, it never vents under your goggles or glasses, fogging them up. Clean up is a snap, simply wash it
    out with mild soap and cold water, squeeze excess water out, and let it dry over night. Mask can be used wet. If taken care of, the Wolfsnout ® mask can last several years
    (depending on use) saving you money, with comfort that can’t be beat.

    The Wolfsnout@ mask was invented and is produced in the USA. It was originally designed for ATV, UTV, Mx and other offroad sports where breathe ability was a must. As
    the off-road community embraced this product it quickly became apparent that it was the perfect landscaping dust mask.
  3. Wolfsnout®

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    Use your code $$$
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    Just ordered 3. The LS10 code still works.
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    Hey Wolfsnout,

    I'm about 60 miles South of you in Griffin GA. Its good to see a company in GA selling what looks like a great product.

    Do any stores locally carry your products?

    I'm going to order one this weekend. Something about this area down here. Always dust of some kind no matter if you are mowing , trimming, or whatever.

    I'll post here after I test out your product


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