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  1. MOturkey

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    Here is the situation. I've mowed for these people, he is a physician, for the past two years, last year at the house they had rented, this year in their new home they had built.

    This spring, after the seeding was done, it came a big storm that night and basically washed or blew all the seed away. Consequently, most of the yard that had dirt work done on it, approximately half, is predominantly weeds, with little grass. Should have been taken care of this fall, but as I understand it, the landscaper is a personal friend of theirs, and is way behind, so, they have gotten put on the back burner. (so much for friendship)

    Anyhow, I mowed what well may be the final time for the season last week. A goodly portion of the back yard (maybe 20% of the total yard) had virtually no growth at all, as the cold nights has pretty well taken care of the weeds, so I didn't mow that part (basically all just dirt and rocks), which allowed me to finish quite a lot faster than on previous mowings.

    I'm just curious how many of you would give the customer a break, and charge less for this mowing? I'm not getting rich on this account, basically just getting my target hourly rate. They have already booked for next year, so there is little danger of losing the account either way.

    I already made my decision, and have, in fact, sent out statements, but am just wondering what others would do in a similar situation, and why. Thanks.
  2. grassyfras

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    How big is this property? If this is a $30 lawn and you didn't mow 20% of it, their really isn't that much time savings. If this is an acre of something than maybe I would give 10% off, but if its an acre thats still only about a $6 dollar discount? When you think about it, it may not even be worth it to write on the bill. So when I think of it inless its over an acre I probbly wouldn't give them a discount, instead maybe just spend that time on the property doing something free.
  3. blind04

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    i wouldnt give a discount. this condition has nothing to do with you. if you and they agreed on a price for the yard, i would charge that price.
  4. chesterlawn

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    In the growing season when it takes you longer to cut do you charge more?
  5. WJW Lawn

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    Bingo! They obviously don't feel as if they need a price adjustment, and like you said they signed up for next year. If it were a situation where they asked--and you felt it was fair...then sure.
  6. MZL

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    dont give a discount, like everyone esle said they agreed to a price and thats what they pay everytime you visit their property.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    If you gave him a discount, I want you to write 100 times on the blackboard..."I am running a BUSINESS...not a CHARITY"
  8. TXNSLighting

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    NO discount. Thats not good business.
  9. Mrs. H

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    I think I am going to cross-stitch this quote and frame it and hang it next to the back door so David can see it everyday.

    Maybe embellish it with some little embroidered coins.

    You took your time to be there and unloaded and worked around the problem. Your time is still worth money.
  10. MOturkey

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    The property is about an acre and a half.

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