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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Feb 9, 2007.

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    for those of you that been in business for sometime and had the same clients for years,seeing some of those clients go through financial hardships and knowing that they still use your services despite them getting part time jobs to pay the bills seems to make those clients special.
    what i was thinking on doing this season is to discount there services.

    for an example.. i have a client that been with me for 9 years and his wife developed breast cancer. the insurance co. will only pay for 1 of 3 meds. at a out of pocket expense of $300+ per mo. plus the cost of her going back and forth for treatments.
    i feel that i am making good money for what i do and i can pass it along to those that are down on there luck..
    what do you guys think?
  2. Shades of Green LService

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    If You can, why not? I have a customer that in the past year had her husband partially paralyzed due to doctor error, multiple car crashes, numerous medical problems and now divorce. I work with them on making payments even though they are behind $800. You guys are probably going to kill me on that. Oh , well.:drinkup:
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    Ant, I had something of a similar situation last year, when a customer in his 50's died very suddenly. His widow sent me a note saying she wanted to cancel, due to finances and trying to get things sorted out. It was a postage size (1,000 sq. ft.) lot anyway, so I sent a sympathy card, with a note saying, don't worry about the lawn, I'll finish out the year, and you can figure out what you want to do when things settle down. I did the third app. of four with no contact, then when I did the fourth app. she sent me a check for that app. with a nice thank you note, and said to continue service for this coming year. I could have dropped her when I had the chance, but for the cost of one app., I held on to my customer. I don't know if I'd have done the same thing on a 40,000 sq. ft. lawn, but I think you set yourself WAY apart from the corporate giants when you give them that personal touch and let them know you care about them.
  4. Mattcurry

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    Damn, you guys are the type of people we want in this business. Karma man, do good things to other, and good things will happen to you. I bet for you giving that 1 customer a break like that, the big man will give you 20 througout the year.

    Way to go guys, I would do the same for my customers, im not hurting for the cash, so why not help a friend or neighbor in need.

    I give alot of price breaks to people whose husbands have just left em or passed things like that usually at the point of sale i give like 50% off, and if they are late we will work it out later.... But just dont do this for every single customer lol or it will take its toll.
  5. Mr Priceless

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    i would do the same. heck, that's how i started out;) The lady across the street asked me to mow her yard (about a half acre, maybe a lil more) and said she'd pay me $20 for a cut (using her equipment). She was a very sweet widow on s fixed income. I still make profit, have a nice yard to look at when i sit on my porch, didn't lowball on any LCOs, and have the warm feeling that i helped someone out.

    it's been a year, her yard looks the best out of all the yards, and yes, any recent customer that i add by my request get charged at least $30.
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    You know, in that case, I would do the lawn for free for the year. Maybe if you didn't want the customer to feel like you're feeling sorry for them, join some cancer relief group, and do it in their name. good publicity too...

    actually, I was reading about some group that provides complimintery lawn care services to families that have loved ones over seas. If I didn't live in an area where every lawn that I picked up was a terrible one, I would sign up.. and I might anyhow.

    When you help others, you can' t help helping yourself.

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