discounts for Military families

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. americanlawn

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    Does anybody else offer a price break for customers in the military?

    We offer NO discounts just cuz "they're old", on "fixed income", or are trying to finance their first home. (sorry -- no senior discounts here, cuz "you all had your chance") Yet we give a price break for folks with military status (retired and active).

    I figure folks who laid their life on the line defending our Country should get a break (sh$t - we figure that's the least we can do). Several sponsor employees on this site have also proudly served, and I was allowed the opportunity to meet some of them. TURFCO's Bob Brophy comes to mind for sure, as he put his life on the line many times during the Viet Nam, "war". If I lived closer to him, I'd spray his lawn for free everytime.

    Bottom line: 'Old folks' that ask for a "senior citizens discount" -- we say "NO WAY", cuz they had many opportunities to improve their financial situation during several decades.

    Are we right? (logical) rscvp, Thanks. :usflag:
  2. a plus bob

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    Pre-pay discount only . Never had a military person ask only had police and firemen ask for discount.I offer 10% in spring for pre-pay to all cust.
  3. Service 1st Lawn Care

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    We offer a 10% discount in the spring as a pre-pay, No discount for Policeman, Fireman. That is the career they chose, I chose lawn care their no better or worse then me. It's just what we all decide to do in life.

    I do thank the folks who serve and have served in the Military for giving me the freedom to do what I love. THANK YOU:usflag:
  4. FdLLawnMan

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    Yes I do if I know about it. As of now I have one active military member that is getting a discount. I do not give senior citizen discounts. Shoot, most of them have more money than me.
  5. jbturf

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    i have the same input costs for all customers and output the same product,
    so i charge the same amount

    only exception is prepay or cash
  6. grassman177

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    pre pay only discounts here. we cant afford really to do it for less as we keep our pricing low to be fair and competitive. no room for loss
  7. pvtwaggs14

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    if you can afford to give up a little profit offering a military discount can be a huge boost for you. Im just a small little business that i do during the week. I have a full time job that i work second shift on as well. But I am in the Army reserve. I have posted a few flyers at our unit and had a few friends post flyers at there units and for me being in the service I know how hard it is for some of the families when someone is deployed. so my company has a few discounts

    prepay for the year is 10%
    10 referals years worth of mowing for free (have to have years contract)
    military 10%
    deployed military 25% if its to far away i do charge per mile

    when you take care of the military they talk friends about you. and if a client gets you 10 new jobs you will make more off the new ones than what you will loose. In the end its just on how much you can charge and give that discount but not loose money in the long run.

    LIBERTYLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I would give discount to military personell. Prob is, how do you know if they are active military.

    I too don't give any discount for senior citizens, other than what is taken from me against my will in the form of taxes & distributed to them:rolleyes:... I'm not sure why they all think just because they "made it" to a certain age, everyone ows them. Why are they "more deserving" then a young family raising children???

    When people ask for discounts, they immediately have a black mark against them. Those kind of people generally end up being pita customers or don't pay their bill on time at some point down the road. Not my ideal customers!

    I give 5% off for prepay.
  9. SeedPro

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    You get what you pay for in my opinion. Some people are penny wise, but dollar stupid.

    I give a 5% pre pay discount as well. Kudos to the guys that give 10% but that's really cutting into the bottom line if you ask me.
  10. mruiz

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    I do!! This year I will be working on a project on a wounded soldier. I'm still working out the details. The soldier is out of my mowing area so I wouldn't be able to offer mowing but plan on doing a spring clean up.

    More details on my website.

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