Discounts printed on Postcards?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Joshuakwhit, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Joshuakwhit

    Joshuakwhit LawnSite Member
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    Hey guys,

    I'm working on my spring mail campaign. My printer sent me the first proof looked really good , but had a $20 initial service discount. I sent it back telling to take it off. He sent it back with the minor changes on it except he left on the discount and said " I know you don't like coupons but you need to give them a reason to call". So what do you guys think should I leave on there or not? What has been ya'll experience?
  2. Cadzilla

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    Listen to your print man. You have to give them a "call to action."
  3. newz7151

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    Ask your print guy if he'll rebate you $20 per response from his cards if he's insisting on printing something on there that you are requesting he not print. Advertise 4th service, half price.
  4. Joshuakwhit

    Joshuakwhit LawnSite Member
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    Well if there needs to be a discount i'd rather have something like that 4th service half off, lime or flea and tick app. I feel better doing that than one of my main apps.
  5. Joshuakwhit

    Joshuakwhit LawnSite Member
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    Any other opinions?
  6. RigglePLC

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    He is probably right. If you compare the response of a discout in October with a immediate discount on the first service. In my opinion, the immediate discount will win. If you do a good job...they will still be a customer in the fall. And your cost is still the same.
    Women love discount coupons--my wife has a fat file full of them Men like them too. Salespeople love them--because they work.
  7. n-green

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    I don't know printing but when I did my first direct mail I wanted a free service on it. The printer said he wouldn't change from 25 off first visit because he was printing hundreds of thousands like that and would cost too much to change for 20 or 30 thousand. Also, don't bother mailing anything without an offer.
  8. TurfWerks

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    I agree you need a "gimmick" to call.. If you do lime offer a free Lime app and do a 1/2 rate up front of whatever you usually apply.. Or something similar.. Tru-Brown is offering free grub control locally.. Funny thing is grubs aren't a problem locally..
  9. Joshuakwhit

    Joshuakwhit LawnSite Member
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    Thank you all for your opinions. I told him to print it! This is my first spring mailer. Last fall I did 2 drops about 3k total to the same mail routes 2-3 wks. apart. I picked up 2 which paid for the cost of that campaign easily. I'm doing the same routes plus 1-2 more 7500 in all hoping I pick up enough to pay for this campaign. I will show off the postcards when they come in. I think they look really good!
  10. newz7151

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    from Tejas
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    ?? So if he couldn't change the amount off, how the hell did he change your business name? Are you saying you ended up with 20K cards that looked exactly like the other 80K plus the guy was printing?

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