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  1. mcdow

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    Do any of you give a discount on prices when you do a job for a family member? On the other hand, maybe I should charge them more because they are a family member. Just wondering what everyone else does, or don't you even work for family. Thanks
  2. White Gardens

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    I'll work for family.

    I try to cut them a deal if I can, especially if it's just simple work. When it comes to larger installs and the such, the discount is minimal at best.

    I've got to keep my income coming in so I can't take a hit on a bigger project and my family members know that.

    Sometimes even if I try to give them a discount, they refuse and come close to paying full price.

    Now that's a good family! Thumbs Up

  3. AGLA

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    It is a two-way street. If they are doing you a favor by giving you some work, then you should return the favor. If you are doing them a favor by doing it at a reduced price, they should somehow return the favor (unless they did a lot for you in the past).

    Anytime that working for less displaces you from a job where you will get more,there has to be a compelling reason to do so. If it is something that you can fit in, then you might want to be generous. Just be honest and tell them if you'll miss other work that pays better and perhaps you can do it later.
  4. JB1

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    i do what i can to not work for family.
  5. Stillwater

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    at cost...............
  6. Will P.C.

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    This is a valid question, but many variables come into play.

    I knew a very capable guy who was working for a large company and working for good friends and family on the weekends. He eventually started his own company. The problem was the way he started out. He was giving such good deals to friends and family and it ruined him. Word of mouth is obviously strong when you do work for F&F, but people also love to brag about how 'great of a deal' they got the work for as well. Potential customers armed with previous clients 'prices' expected the same type of deal. He did not last long.

    F&F also abuse their relationship with you by paying late as well.

    Obviously, people trade favors which is great if both parties come through.

    I think large jobs are best left for other people.

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