Discovery Day with Lawn Doctor Next Week

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    I am going to discovery day next week with lawn doctor. I have been reading over this site for a couple of days now, and I know where some of you guys stand on the franchise systems. However, I am in the franchise business right now (Sport Clips 3 store owner/operator). I had 0 knowledge of hair before I got in that business.
    I am planning on getting a lot of information from them, and I am taking my friend and potential business partner, who happens to be a collegiately educated and career turf guy currently working for another franchise. He wants to step out from Scotts and I am looking to diversify.
    For those of you guys that can/will say:
    (1)What do you average in sales per day in your trucks?
    (2)how many people do you REALLY need to service 25-50K market size
    (3)they say my MSA is actually 4 territories, but they will work with us on drilling them down to "practical" markets. I actually only think there are 2 markets. Anyone have experience with this?
    (4)We have TruGreen, Scotts, and Fairway Lawns. 2 of them have reputations that are failing because they are too big to service their customers well. Do you think the opportunity is right to steal customers from them?
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    I'm interested to hear your results when you have them. No knowledge of the doctor other than what you have already...
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    I used to work for a guy that did this, he was in the lawn Business then went to lawn doc. I lost contaic with him for a few years. then met him again and he was doing Quite well.

    Best of luck
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    How did you make out at discovery day at Lawn Doctor?

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