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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CLC03, Apr 19, 2006.

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    I received a call to look at a lawn for someone. So I checked it out and the lawn seemed to be a well established lawn at one time. Throughout the lawn(kentucky bluegrass) there were small to medium sized, matted, brown spots. I pulled up the brown matted turf and it didn't hold together too well. I didn't notice any pests or remains of pests and the homeowner has never notice grubs, etc. He said he noticed early last June and it seemed to get worse. Could it be dollar spot, pythium blight, something else? I am fairly new to this and have not had to do a lot of disease identification, because all of my yards are well-established and maintained. Should he aerate, overseed, or use a good 5 step program and let the bluegrass naturally fill in? Thoughts, helpful tips, and recommendations appreciated.

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    not sure of your aera, but here in indiana i had a LARGE amount of sod webworm problems (more then i ever had for grubs). i'm not speaking as an expert, but if you had a possible disease, the turf will most likley grow back (with the exception of the few that take it all). you might take a soil sample and determan if there is a disease in the soil, and treat accordingly. i would reseed and go from their. also if the damage was only in one spot i would lean more towards insect damage. if there are spots all over the yard, tracks from equipment, etc, then i would lead towards disease.
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    This time of year, around here in CT we get snow mold. Not sure if you get that out your way or not. I would take a sample and send it your local ag extension or a turf guy at U of nebraska and see what they say. It's kinda hard to diagnose a lawn I can't see...
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    Possible rust (common on bluegrass). Pop it with fert and it should grow out quickly if that is the case. Grab a sample and go to your local extension agent for positive ID. Possible sod-webworm as well.
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    sounds simliar to some billbug damage, but without seeing its hard to tell. Check insdie the lower stems for any sawdust like material, left after the billbug larva has chewed his way to the soil. Not sure agian what other conditons you are dealing with there, but don't rule out insect activity. need to do some history with the lawn as well. Were these conditions there last fall? is it a reacurring problem? etc.
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    i would rule out rust as a problem, if he had rust HE WOULD KNOW IT !! what a f***ing mess that is.
  7. teeca

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    i would rule out rust as a problem, if he had rust HE WOULD KNOW IT !! what a ****ing mess that is.

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