Disease killing impatiens epedemic;

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by jvanvliet, Feb 13, 2012.

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    It should also be noted that over planting one on top of the other can accentuate the problem by not allowing proper air flow around the individual plants.
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    I am trying to remember where I saw a picture of Over Planted Impatiens. All I can remember was how over fertilized & watered they where. They also looked tacky. It might of been a 3rd world country where they like that sort of thing.

    Impatiens are an Oasis Plant meaning they require irrigation. However Over Watering and over Fertilizing them will cause Fungus. The same Fertilizer Elements that make Plants Grow help Fungus grow. Planting Impatiens Close together and over watering & over Fertilizing them is a master Disaster.

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    Many landscapers and homeowners have planted inpatients to look like mountains of cascading flowers here, broward and in Dade. It's prevalent in upscale communities, along A1A and the inter-coastal. It's what people like, not everybody has too, in fact very few people don't enjoy the colors. But then this is snow bird land with people who pay to winter in sunny Florida. And they want to see flowers, lot's of them, bless their stingy little hearts.

    These people are not 3rd world or tacky, try telling them that when they want you to put in 1,500 inpatients. When I drive through 3rd world communities here, I don't see Flowers, I see weeds and scruffy bushes, run down houses with cars on cinder blocks, sort of like in areas of SW Florida

    This years unusually wet and warm weather is more than likely the primary cause for the fungus. I have not had a problem with planting boodles of inpatients in the years I have been down here, at my own properties and then as a property maintenance company operator until this year.

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