disease or drought stress?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mrkosar, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. mrkosar

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    from what i saw it looked like whoever is mowing mowed their neighbors which is much worse. looks like the tires was spreading disease spores all over the two lawns.

    look like disease or drought stress to you? hasn't been abnormally dry 85 or so with rain maybe once a week.

    what disease gets spread this easily? dollar spot?

  2. ICT Bill

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    WET spring, WET June HOT in between

    You are definately looking at fungal disease break out, if it gets hot and dry behind that your yards are in for a big renovation in the fall

    same thing is happening here in the mid Atlantic
  3. dcgreenspro

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    Drought stress.
    All lawns lose color and begin to show stress in this kind of weather. There could be a whole host of reasons for the discoloration. Disease is the last thing that I would think about.JMO
  4. ICT Bill

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    An interesting thing to ask, did they have cable installed recently and did they have to do anything in that area.

    We have found that they use annual ryes because they are cheap and grow in quick, but they are annuals, they are dieing out about this time from last fall or early spring application

    Now that I look again, it seems like there is a line through the yard. betcha its cable
  5. tlg

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    The problem you are seeing is likely caused by the lawn mowers tires. At the onset of drought stress, running a heavy lawn mower over dry turf in the heat of the day will cause this problem. The damage is similar to what would happen if you walked or drove over a lawn that had frost on it. The grass blades are broken and die. The damage will recover with watering. This is not something caused by disease. The larger spots are just drying out and were not caused by the mower.
  6. Joshuakwhit

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  7. Jason Rose

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    Exactly. I hate having to mow lawns that are dry to the point of the grass turning brown/grey because it can and will leave tire tracks like that. Best way to avoid it, if you have to run over those areas, is to irrigate as soon as you possibly can after you are done cutting. I've found it usually keeps the tire tracks from showing up, plus the grass obviously needed water anyway.
  8. mngrassguy

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    Looks like a lot of both. Tires will spread fungus like leaf spot and dollar spot. Fungus is spread during it first stage when it first becomes active and we see cool wet evenings but usually dos not cause damage that can be seen. The "punch" comes when the grass becomes dry/heat stressed and start to go dormant. A good feeding, then watering should grow it back out nicely.

    Once the lawn starts to go dormant due to dry conditions, your better off NOT watering until the weather changes. This, however is not true for trees. If it stays dry for over 2-3 weeks, water the trees.

    It's ok to fert now with a good slow release so when the lawn does get water it gets feed at the same time.

    Mow tall and NO evening watering!!! Stop watering early enough so the grass can dry before it gets dark. Cool wet nights followed by hot dry days---is a one/two punch for fungus.
  9. Rtom45

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    The other thing to consider is poor soil quality or lack of topsoil. In combination with other stress factors, lawns with minimal or poor quality topsoil will react first. And it doesn't have to be the entire lawn, there could be parts where topsoil was graded off to get proper elevations.
  10. bug-guy

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    i agree tire tracks from mower on dry grass most people think it's fungus because of the tire tracks

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