Disease or should I not be concerned?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kirk1701, Jun 1, 2010.

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    Last time I mowed I started noticing a big difference, lots and lots of brown!!! As days go by and some top growth develop it don’t look so bad as shown in the pic but in the close up’s you can still see the brown. I’m mowing now at 3.75” and that’s when I see brown.

    Pop up afternoon showers and lots of humidity has been the norms for recent weeks so I’m thinking about putting down something for disease control which I’ve never done before but then again I’ve always had this problem in the fescue but I thought it was due to the high amounts of N and Scotts fertilizer I used. I changed that this year, expected to see different results by the time this part of the season rolled around.
    Should I wait it out or put down something for corrective disease control and if so what are my options?

    I put the pic’s up on Image Shack so you all could see them without compressing them.





    Thanks in advance everyone.
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    Im sure you could identify several "diseases" if you look hard enough. Have you been cutting at 3.75 for a while now? The reason I ask is because this is the time in the season where you raise the height. Cool season grasses are seeding right now. They do not produce as many leaves as well as growing rather lanky. A lot of their energy is going toward seed stalk production..not leaves..and the leaves are whats green. The seeding process will generally utilize whats left as far as synthetic nutrients are concerned. I work my way towards 2.75-3.75 using 1/4 inch increments all spring so I dont have to deal with what you are dealing with now. Yes you have some levels of fungus..the question is wheather or not they are going to overwhelm the lawn. Always try to minimize the amount of fert you put down in the spring...the situation you are in is the exact reason why. Also if possible, start your season cutting a little lower and work your way up gradually. Ideally you want at least one more raise available to you for the summer. As far as what to now..it's hard to say as Im not there. IF the lawn is due for a fert..go ahead with it..as the seeding stops, you should see it bit more leaf growth (green). Theres a more advanced way to deal with the cutting heights, but not sure if your interested. Additionally....high humidity along with quickly changing temps (becomming hot all of a sudden) will often make a mild fungus look worse as the affected leaves will now die in the heat. No one here can tell you what to do, but if you want to learn...buy some fungicide and treat a specific area. ....see how it performs compared to the rest of the lawn.
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    So you think it is Brown Patch Riggle?

    The brown patch lesson was the first lesson I learned when I started doing my lawn (actually not my fault either it was TruGreen) when a high N application was applied right about this time of the year in 2006.

    I lost the whole lawn that year and I knew the following year to first get rid of TruGreen and second, get the N down early spring so this year it was mid march and I did one better this year then previously; it was slow release N. Which is one of the things I see mentioned in the link you posted. :drinkup:
    Now I'm not seeing any circular spots, its random and different shapes. As I said above, I started mowing this spring at 3.75" because the turf is so thick I got a good stand from the over seeding last fall. Any lower and I'd be cutting too much off. I may not be too late for a Curative application as I'm still getting about 1" growth per week?
    What's your thoughts? Along with what product if Curative application will do the trick? I've heard you guys speak of ProStar, Heritage and Eagle which are the only ones I recognize in the link?
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    Sorry Kirk, I don't have personal experience with brown patch, nor much experience with TTTF. Perhaps someone closer to you and to your grass type and its problems can best advise you.
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    Thanks anyhow Riggle, I'm sure someone else will be along and reply.

    Besides; I guess I should concider myself lucky as a neighbor had a sink hole open up 50 feet wide and no telling how far down ;)

    Yes we have caves under our town and with 10" in May? OH ME!!!
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    Didn't mean to ignore your post however I did that last year which was the reason for just starting off higher. Take a look here:

    Make sure to see the 8th and 9th post down with the pics just after I mow and then the next post a couple days later and how it improves.

    Plus, I guess I found my answer looking back through that old thread:
    So I did remember that from last year and started out mowing higher this year :drinkup:
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    Heritage..... nuff said.
  9. rwheeler

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    the reason why i say heritage, because the pictures you have of the closeup of the actual blades have stripes on them. FUNGUS
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    Kirk, i have a customer with a 2 acre yard that is doing the same thing...it started doing this last year, and just began doing it again about 5 weeks ago...Earlier this spring the lawn looked great, and now it looks the best right before its time to mow...what ever this is, its affecting the bottom part of the blades more than the top...i have marked off 1,000 sq. ft. and applied a fungicide in the back and waited 12 days, and i applied a second app. last night...i have 3 different areas marked off where i'm trying some things out, so if any of them see improvement i will let you know what i did.....customer mows at 3.75" and it almost looks like its being scalped after they mow, but 2 days later its the best looking yard around....i am very anxious for a solution!!

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