Disease Tranfer From Lawn To Lawn

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Fertboy, Mar 19, 2006.

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    Hey guys,

    I would like any insight, you have on disease transfer. Last season in July I was spot spraying Manicure, with a 6gal Chapin cart sprayer. The lawn I was applying it to was just starting to get some dollar spots. When I came back in about 10 days for a follow up, I noticed the area that was not diseased had small tracks from the cart tires. Also have a customer who gets her lawn cut same day as her neighbor, the mowers cut across both lawns,and have seen tranfer this way. Is there any methods to help stop this, sterilize the tires, etc? It amazed me the prayer cart tires did this as, they should have coat of fungi from spraying.

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    You can't spray chlorothalonil on residential lawns anymore. It's against the law.
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    Finally I think I know something. My other career is in healthcare and I completely understand sterile technique and transmisson of all sorts of infection, even if I cant spell it. While I was at my pesticide turf class I asked the experts at Purdue about that, they stated there is no transfer of any know lawn disease by mower. It does not make sense to me, but he said it was becasue of most infections are in the root or if in the leaf of a plant it dies too quick etc. He is definately the expert, but again I am not sure I buy it.:drinkup: Of coures chemicals can collect on the tires but it seems like it would have to be pretty gross contamination not to dry up and if granular fall off so slowly as to be unnoticeable.
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    Hey ,

    My mistake, it was Armada. I cant believe I forgot that, when I went into lesco my rep was rambling about Armada since it was new.

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    I do believe you can transfer Dollar Spot from one property to another.

    Couple of years ago I mowed two lawns the same day with the same reel mower. This was a weekly routine.

    Lawn A developed DS and within a week or two Lawn B also had it. Lawn A was always mowed first and then wet clippings were transported on the mower to Lawn B. At the time I had no idea that was possible.
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    Yes you can transfer RUST between cuttings. The question was brought up at our State licensing last week. They said other diseases could to.
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    Whaaaaaaattttt???? You mean to tell us that the Pudue "experts" have never seen Pythium transferred all across a golf course by mowing equipment before??? I've seen it several times. What was the name of the guy that told you that?
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    Absolutely you can transfer diseases with your equipment. I believe it is mostly via the mower decks, as someone with a phd at the end of their name said that rubber isn't a good spot for fungal spores to hang out.
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    Actually, current supplies of products containing chlorothalonil(manicure) may be sold and used on residential lawns, it is only new products containing these restrictions on the label may not be applied on residential turf.

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