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    is this red thread that never recovered? or brown patch? or...fusarium blight? or....? this lawn had red thread earlier this year, but not that bad. this started looking real bad about 2 weeks ago with the hot humid weather that has been in this area. figured probably brown patch, but wanted some opinions.

    will this grow out of it? will it continue to spread? should i recommend watering or will that spread it? any suggestions would help? already told them to mow high, water deeply infrequently in morning, blah blah blah, aeration this fall, probably with disease resistant overseeding now. anything else without putting down a fungicide? thanks.

    RT disease.jpg

    RT disease 2.jpg

    close up RT.jpg

    close up RT2.jpg
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    dollar spot, , make sure water in morning before 9, one inch per week,not evenings

    fungicide= spectator plus mancozeb, t-storm plus mancozeb
    if brown patch coming up, us cleary's 3336 g
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    I agree. Good advice.
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    Eagle works well for this, as well....

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