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Diseased Japanese Maple?


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Sacramento, CA
I have (I believe) two Japanese maples that don't look right to me, both the discolored leaves and the colors of the bark. Could anyone advise what may be going on here, or if these are in fact healthy? None of the discoloration appears dusty or anything. Located in California and they're watered with drip irrigation for an hour 2x per week.

More info: We took over the property a few months ago and have no idea what the previous owners did to take care of these trees. Looked kinda like this when we bought the property.



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The bark looks fine. Honestly up here with hot dry summers, most of the Japanese maples start to crisp out on the leaves near the end of summer before they eventually drop their leaves in fall. Especially if they are getting any amount of full sun exposure..To me those leaves just look like they are crisping/drying out near the end of their days.
I would re-assess in the spring when they leaf out again. Japanese maples are pretty damn hardy


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wonder what @hort101 has to say about it


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S.E. New England
wonder what @hort101 has to say about it
Have to get some more background and try to rule out a few common issues

Did someone pressure wash that fence?

What does the roots and base look like?

Overall stand back 20 feet or more whats the picture look like?

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USDA Zone 6a
Looks like leaves have scorch. (This condition can be exasperated by sprinklers hitting the foliage daily, which can create a magnification effect of the sunlight.)

As for the bark. That's a no-brainer, just LICHEN. [A type of hard algae moss].
For context....