Diseased Yard Or Dead

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lorensanders, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Can someone please tell me what is going on with this yard in Oklahoma. It is Tiff grass was sprayed in October with simazine and in March with pendulum and fertilized in early May. I dug up 1 foot deep in dead areas to see if it was grubs and none were present. I did notice some really small tree roots beneath the surface from a near by neighbors tree. This has been coming on since last summer and getting worse.

    The areas almost look rotted. I would like to know what this , and whats causing it and how to fix the problem or I'm gonna end up losing the whole yard..

    Anyone who can comment on this and give me their opinion Id really appreciate.






  2. soccer911

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    To me it looks like it needs to be treated with a root stimulator, aerated and maybe top dressed. I have not dealt with Tiff grass. That is just my opinion. Good luck.
  3. lorensanders

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    what kind of root stimulator

    will gypsum work..
  4. RigglePLC

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    Tiffway Bermuda? I am from Michigan -that lawn looks horrible. Can you check the health of the roots? Ground pearls attacking roots? Nematodes attacking roots? What was the cultural program? Are any weeds at all visible? Perhaps one of the chemicals was used at excess, like the Simizine for instance. Have soil tested for chemicals. Or...Take some soil samples in flower pots and try to grow various plants: soybeans, corn, tomato, new bermudagrass, ryegrass. Add activated charcoal (to absorb chemicals) and try the same thing again. Lesco has activated charcoal.

    Let us know what happens.
  5. RigglePLC

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    "Been coming on since last summer"? Before any chemicals were used?

    Well...maybe it is biological--could have come with the sod--or with the topsoil. Take some soil, sterilize by baking in oven for an hour or two. Cool and plant new grass ( to see how it does without nematodes and so forth).

    Are other plants doing fine? Any sign this is spreading to other yards?
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    Only 1 round of fertilizer so far? That's not much for tif going into July's heat . . . tif wants a lotta N during the year. What did you fert with? N source?

    And how much simazine was put down in Oct? Had the tif gone dormant by then?

    My 1st guess is take all root rot, but there are a whole host of other factors (and fungi) that can enter into play here. I've seen tif fade like that in lawns that were simply underfertilized. How do the roots look in the healthy areas? 6" deep and more?

    But don't guess. Send a sample to your extension service for testing and evaluation. And what are their recommendations for fertilizing tif in your area? 4-5 lbs N/year? What type of soils do you have - acidic or alkaline? sandy or clay?

    Don't fertilize again until you know what it is! The wrong fert can do more damage.
  7. lorensanders

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    I Have Sent A Sample To Oklahoma State Agriculture Department. I Had A Representive Come Out From Lesco. Said The Root System Was Dead Where The Brown Spots Were From. We Shipped A Sample To Osu Tech. He Also Said That The Thatch Was Over 2.5 Inches Deep And It Needed To Aireated And Maybe Gypsum Put In The Holes To Make The Yard Come Alive. I Dont Understand How The Simazine Would Affect It Cuz I Have A Yard Next Door That Is Also Tiff And Its Doing Just Fine. This Yard Is Also A Very Very Late Bloomer For The Grass To Come Out For Some Reason. Think Hes Over Watering It And Mowing It Way To Low And Does Not Mow It On A Timely Schedule Like Tiff Needs To Be Mowed. The Root System Is Very Deep.

    Dont Know What Else To Do Until I Get The Soil Sample Back.......if It Was My Guess The Ph Is Probally Real Low But Im Not A Chemist..........

    Someone Care To Comment On This Please Let Me Know

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