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Dismiss Herbicide


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Hey All:
If anyone would like to go into quarters or halves on a bottle of "Dismiss" 16 oz., please PM me. The label's a.i is .18 oz/1000sf. It is specially formulated to "Control" Green Kliinga. Sedgehammer only supresses Green Kliinga. Although Sedge hammer does a good job on Yellor/Purrple Sedge, onr of the greens superintnendent for southern turf (Centipede, Bermuda, St. Augustine, Bahia, etc) recommendrf "Dismiss". It is so powerful (generally only one application) and expensive. A whole bottle would way too much for average lawns. Anyway, let me know if interested and I will take care of getting it and thenUPSing a half, bottle (8oz) enough for 40,000sq to you. The cost for a whole bottle would be about $255. Half ($127) Thanks, Roy