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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by madmax, Nov 25, 2006.

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    I have a Kee's 61 and when I do leaves, A lot of the leaves blow out from under the deck in front of me. I tried different blades and even a cyclone rake and still having problems. It gets so bad that I have to really slow down so I can see.
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    This is an inheirent problem with all their decks. The only way to really solve this and still have this brand is to go to a fab shop and have them build you a custom front flow control baffle and put tabs on it where you can bolt it into the holes in the top of the deck that the mulch kit fits into.

    It will need to come down almost even with the blade tips.
    As far as shape of the baffle for flow....

    Well I have a underside pic of that exact deck and I would be glad to draw you an example.
    Just let me know.

    My professional advice to you though is to just trade it.
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    Ah heck... I was bored.

    Here's a simple bend pattern for the baffle that the fab shop can do.
    The lime green is the pattern and tab placement.

    For simplicity and high flow...

    kees baffle.jpg
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Now, have them stamp you square holes in the bolt tabs so you can use round head bolts on bottom and a lockwasher and nut on top. If they can't maybe you can find bolts with the straight screwdriver heads (or torx) on them in that size.

    If you check the clearances, you MIGHT be able to move the baffle in tighter on the blades so that the tabs from the center off are like the left one and not inside the cutting chamber. Matter of fact, I am pretty sure you can, but say "MIGHT" anyways.

    You can put this baffle in and just leave it.
    The deck will work better all around and plug with clippings less.
  5. naturescape

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    Just installing some skirting on the front of the deck (indoor/outdoor carpet or baseboard molding) will stop the blow out 100% and be a LOT easier to do!
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    Try slowing the throttle on the mower down a bit that should help out some.I have a Cyclone Rake that I use behind my 60" Lazer and if my my RPMs are higher then 2300 I have blowout out the front of the deck also. Gator Blades help with reducing the blowout also.:)

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