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    I am lucky enough to work with an exceptionally talented garden designer, Susan Cohan of Chatham, NJ. This is the second year I have designed and lit her display garden at the NJ Flower and Garden Show. Planning and building a display garden is an unbelievable undertaking. Planning can take almost a year, heating up of course, in the final months.

    This year's garden was a huge success; three first place ribbons, three seconds, and a people's choice award. Too bad there is not a category for lighting!

    Here's what you're looking at (lighting-wise):
    The moon was hand painted with plaster 3D craters suspended from the rafters. I worked with the house electricians to get a theatrical spot trained on the moon. You could see it 200 feet away, as soon as you walked into the hall.
    Then, I had two 1000-watt floods fitted with blue filters positioned high above the garden on each side. The Blue Atlas Cedars loved the moonlight. The biggest challenge was shutting down enough house lights to cut down the ambient spill. It can never be dark enough in there!
    Each of the hand painted figures in the garden were uplit, as were the flowering trees, the hand-built bridge and other features.
    To keep it fresh, and a little crazy, I installed LED firefly lights (fireflymagic.com) in the Cedars at the back of the garden. In the front garden I placed hand-made glass mushroom pathlights (Stone Manor Lighting) amongst the plantings.
    One underwater MR-16 fixture lit the largest of the three waterfalls, as it flowed under the bridge.

    The show was a success, a ton of work and a lot of fun.


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    Very nice Mike!!

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