Disposable String Trimmers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SamIV, Aug 23, 2002.

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    Had an Echo 2601 for two years. Went through 3 sets of clutch shoes. Finally broke the clutch drum. Bought the new Echo 260s, have had it in the shop 3 times in six months. Two idle problems and now the carb problems. Still does not have the power it once had. Called the dealer and he wants to look at the clutch.
    My dealer does really take care of me though(Power Shop).

    Can anyone reccomend a trimmer I won't have to dispose of in such a short time. Had Green Machine before these and one is still running after 5 years.

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  2. You said Green Machine?

    They have become Red Max /Zenoha is the same type of engine that was in your GM's

    2500's are great.

    You can blame those new Echo's perfromance on C.A.R.B.!!!!

    My Echo 2601's went through clutch shoes fast also. Once the first set wore out the new ones went quick.

    BTW click the marquee in my signature line to get to Captdevo, he has some good deals on Red Max stuff. He also has some posted on his equipment forum on Lawnsite.

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