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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Dec 24, 2007.

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    Just a thought, with all of these "which oil is the best" post we are having, at about $300-$400 on average from a commercial grade trimmer and most of them lasting at least 3 years on even the cheapest oil aren't they kind of a disposable product?? I mean if it last 3 years (or $100 per year) haven't you gotten your moneys worth out of them? I take good care of my equipment, very good care. I have 4 trimmers and 3 blowers (chain saws) which have never given me any problem using multi-purpose Mercury Quicksilver oil. I just can't justify loosing any sleep or going out of my way to try to get the "best" oil, which ever one that is. It is apparent to me that most two strokes that use one of the better known oils are going to last a long time on "average". I must note that the only reason I'm using the Mercury oil is that I have always had a boat and it was readily available and states that it is suitable for any air or water cooled two stroke. I don't recommend going out and buying it just for air cooled equipment. I just have a surplus of the stuff.

    Anyway most of my trimmers last much longer than 3 years and they are just not a high dollar item compared to much of my other equipment. When it comes to my ZTR's engine, hydraulics or even my trucks I am completely opposite. I want some of the best oils, filters, greases etc because I have a lot invested in them. I really take maintanence seriously on more expensive items but a trimmer, even if it last only 3 years has paid for it's self many times over. And most last much longer. At $100 dollars or less a year I "almost" consider them disposable.

    When I run out of my current supply of multi-purpose oil I will switch to a reputable 2 cycle oil for air cooled engines. Not sure which one yet. If you are under warranty by all means use the right oil!
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    Don't you realize by now that people like to talk about oil? If they don't, they would come in and say how tired they are on the subject!!! Every oil thread drag on and on. One die, another one started. Look back the older posts, it happened again and again and again and again!!!

    When one group started an oil thread, it went on and on, end up name calling and all. Then the group tired out and faded. Then before long a new group (newbes) start another one beating the dead horse and the cycle repeat!!!!

    I was one of the guilty party. Came in a month ago, starting few threads, went through the same thing. Now that I learn what I want, someone else start another. The cycle repeat. Old one faded, new one replannish, it is a perpetual cycle!!!! It is not about the cost of the trimmer.

    After all I gone through, what I learn is: Get JASO FC or FD, put it in, if the trimmer run smooth, plug looks clean, stay with it, stop talking and start trimming!!! If I am bored, then reply to a new oil thread and keep the cycle going.!!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:

    Merry Christmas.
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    Well, for me it was never about the cost or the type of either, etc...
    It's all rather cheap in comparison to other expenses.

    But what is not cheap is my time! For me it's all about reliabilty and reduced maintenance. I want to pull once or twice and be off working. Not yank-yank-yank, wrench-wrench-wrench, scrape-scrape-scrape... fouling plugs, clogging ports, etc...
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    Exactly, Time is $. From a mechanic's point of view, I'll see a alot of guys come in durning the spring and summer with things like this. The time and fuel it takes you to come into the shop to see me,$. My time to do the repair or cleaning that you could have prevented, $. Some times you have to spend alittle more to save your time/$
    Grease and oil are your friends, using the best is great but using them is the important part.
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    What else are we going to do?? The ground is covered in snow for most so we got nothing better to do than to argue about stupid things lol.

    Oh and Merry Christmas to you all.
  6. DoetschOutdoor

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    What kind of problems are you guys talking about having? I've got one redmax trimmer that is going on its 4th year and the thing looks and runs like new. I've always ran the 50:1 and kept it lubed and never abused. Granted it has not been used 8 hours a day all week long but it does have good use on it. And I've been so inconsistent on oil for the thing its not even funny. Half the time I use redmax oil and then it seems like I run out and have to get the cheap crap. Everybody that notices the cheap oil tells me Im crazy for running it but the stuff has never caused me one problem so far. I just think these 2 strokes dont really care about the oil as long as its there. And really the "cheap" oil I buy from wal-mart or the gas station ends up costing more than the redmax oil...
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    Please refer to AAXteriors' reply to my reply!!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:

    Again Merry Christmas
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    You'll want to study government statistics concerning "useful life" on 2 cyclers, that should answer the question, my dealer has the information, maybe yours has it, maybe it's on the web.

    But I'm still not running cheap oil, if I get 3 years out of it that's well past 1,000 yards trimmed...
    At 35 dollars each that's 35,000 dollars grossed per trimmer, really more like 40+ so I'd say I got my money's worth.
  9. tacoma200

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    I'm not sure if the oil I used would be considered cheap (its the top selling outboard oil, as well as having the best reputation) but it is multipurpose.

    I personally haven't had any of the above problems. I haven't taken a trimmer to a dealer for engine or oil problems period. I have never had one that wouldn't start though I have flooded one every now and then. The only problems I have encountered with 2 cycles are after Winter storage they were a little rough the first few hours. Since I started stabilizing the fuel before they go into storage I haven't had any problems. I have replaced a spark plug or two in the last year or so and a pull rope. That's about it in the last 5 years. Maybe I'm lucky. I have worn some heads out.

    If I wanted to buy the best oil, well after reading these threads for years there seems to be no consensus on what oil that might be? I don't know if amsoil is any better than stihl, echo, or pennsoil? I guess that was my point, page, after page of disagreement, and this post will probably go the same route.
  10. yungman

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    I would at least use air cool oil instead of outboard oil. I think any JASO FC or FD is plenty good.

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