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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by grasseaters, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. grasseaters

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    I have a ? on what to charge for disposing of items such as dirt tree trimmings sod ect ect. I have a job coming up and I will most likely fill the bed of my truck with the above materails from this job. I dump in a field at my buddy's house so I dont really pay for disposal other than gas and I trade services with them to make up for it. My normal charge is $45 for disposal am I to0 high or too low or just right? Should the rate vary depending on the amout that I am hauling away from the job? Or should it remain consistant no matter how much is hauled away? Should the disposal time be added into the bill or should that be on my time? Does the distance from the job to the disposal sight play a factor in regards to the price as well? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike
  2. k911lowe

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    the rate would have to vary with the material.your buddy still charges you so add that to your bid.how long will it take you,time wise,altogether?
  3. grasseaters

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    It will take me 15 Minutes to get from the job to the area where I dump then another 15 Min to unload the truck.
  4. JNyz

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    Minimum of 50.00 for up to a pick up truck load plus 15.00 per 15 minutes drive time plus unloading time. You should charge for every minute of your time.
  5. h400exinfl

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    The landfill here charges a penny a pound so I normally price it into the job. The old farts down here don't like to see a bunch of seperate charges, they just want to know how much for the whole thing?

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