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Disposal fees in your area


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Central CT
In central CT the average is around $75/ton one reason mulching is becoming more popular. Also why I do not do trees and chipping most of the tree guys have local farmers who are willing to take the chips(for now).<p>Bill


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South Bend, IN
8 to 10 yrs ago our city trash pickup started running a second truck for yard waste. That fall the city bought 13 vacuum trailers and started collecting leaves piled at curbs. The main reason for the leaf pickup was to effect a total ban on burning. This was all dumped at city property to be composted.<p>Charge to contractors for dumping is $3.65/cuyd, $7.00 for a pickup w/o sides added, and $14.00 for a pickup w/ sides. The finished product, sorted into mulch or compost, is free to anyone who wants to load it, or $4.00/cuyd loaded. Very reasonable prices, but the city doesn't seek a profit. Waste Management and BFI are drooling over the operation, but the city hasn't thought about selling yet. If they did, I'm sure the prices would quadruple.<p>In Indiana, you cannot dump yard waste in a landfill, unless there is a specific methane collection system in place.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>South Bend, IN


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SW Missouri
Here in the Mid-west- There is a compost facility set up. There is no fee to dump yard-waste. Leaves, grass, etc. is composted and sold for a minimal cost to the public. They will not sell to commercial. ?<br>There is a $5.00 charge for pickup $10 with sides for dumping tree limbs. This waste is ground up and sold as landscape mulch.<br>They do not charge a homeowner to dump tree limbs only commercial. I asked why that was, their respose, &quot;you charge for your service, right?&quot; Guess you can't argue much $5.00 is not much.
In Chicago land area dumping rans around $ 12 a yard for grass clipping cant be more then 48 hours old or they will refuse it. Branches under 6 inches ran at $ 14 a yard but give better deal on yard count since it is airy. Limbs large then 6 in. up to 18 inches cost $ 18 to 30 a yard depending on which dump you go to. Other opointion here is both of the large waste companies BFI and Waste Management have yard waste dumpsters which ran $ 10.00 A yard works out real good if you only have few yards of waste right in your yard guys put in dumpster each night and truck is always clean and ready for next day of work.
In NE Penna. we have a federal project that uses lawn waste to reclaim mine scared land<br>and there is NO tipping fee at that location.<p>A lot of towns also have a compost pile where any<br>one who pulls up can dump for free.<p>If you live near a dairy farm the cows just love fresh clippings when they are nice and<br>green.<p>I only pick up the first service of the year<br>and it's mostly very dry thatch, bits of leaves, and some deadfall. I just dump<br>most of it in a field behind my house.<p>Only in communist states does the government<br>have such crazy regulations.


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Charleston, SC
Charleston, SC -- At the county owned and operated landfill, general yard debris is $6.25/500 pounds. They compost the raw product and resell for $10.00/ton.