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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by maple city, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. maple city

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    We went to our local dealer last week and bought a Husqvarna 165 blower. We already run a 145 and love it. The blower had a frame mount throttle. I asked about the tube mount version and the dealer told me that this was the style that Husky was going to. Bought it, used it, hated it.

    Went to the Expo and saw only tube mount 165's.

    Went back to the dealer Mon. morn and said that this blower wasn't going to work out for us and could we exchange it for the tube mount. Dealer says he doesn't have them and won't be able to get any more shipments from Husky any time soon. (Didn't call or check, just knew this info off the top of his head).
    Told him just to refund our money. He did.

    We called Lowe's and they would be able to get a 165 within 21 days. Called other equip. dealers in the state and they would be able to get one within 4 days.

    We called our local dealer and asked why they told us none were available. They didn't have a good answer. We told the dealer that we had several occasions where we had received poor service from them and would not consider buying from them again any time soon. We had went to this dealer trying to buy a ZTR this year. We were talking to the salesman and he walked away from us when the owner of another larger LOC walked in. We left and spent the $6000.00 somewhere else. When all this blower stuff happened, we reminded our dealer of that incident. He told us that the other LCO owner DEMANDS respect and that's the way it is. The other LCO has purchased 10 units from him (over several years).

    Just because we can't buy as much equipment, this is no reason not to take our business seriously. I'm sure that every LCO only started out buying one or two pieces of equipment at a time. We've been in business for 3 years, we're stable and to the point where we are buying more and more each year.

    Are we the only ones that have dealers like this? :angry:
  2. Mowingman

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    No, there are dealers like that everywhere. The best way to get their attention, is to go buy somewhere else. When they see your truck and trailer full equipment brands that they do not sell, you will have their attention. I love to pull into our local JD/Toro dealer with my trailer full of Grasshopper ZTR's, and buy a $3.00 plastic gas can or some other little item.:D
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    :laugh: That's a riot!!! :laugh:

    I actually do the same thing. But I only buy a pack of Opti-2 that mixes one gallon.
  4. Johnny

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    Honest sales people ... they are few and far between.
  5. Randy Scott

    Randy Scott LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I wouldn't waste your thoughts on him. He is who he is. Get your satisfaction within yourself by spending your money elsewhere as you have been. You can't change who he is.
  6. parboy

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    i was working a site one day w/ a deere 250 skid steer loader and a cat dealer acually aproached me told me my (new) equip was crap and to call him when it dies. I took this salesmans card called the owner of this cat dealer and told him of his "sales tactics".Have since bought another deere and thrilled with both.Wont rule out cat equip,but will rule out one dealer!!
  7. Southpaw

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    I think you know about how I feel about this already. The combover and the big belly and all the blah blah blah meant "No soup for you, Buddy". I would go through your trash if it wasn't an Echo product you threw away. LOL
  8. sniggly

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    When I was starting up I went to a local dealer close to the house to buy my stick equipment. Walked in...told him I wanted to purchase an edger, trimmer, blower, and hedger and that I preferred they all be the same make. His reply was.....and I quote, "I can't give you all the equipment in the same name brand but thanks for stopping by".....turned on his heel and walked away.

    I didn't get upset......but I did make it a point to call him every day for the next week asking him some really stupid questions like...."How many ounces of oil does it take to make a 50:1 ratio of 2 stroke mix?" Of course he would answer and I would reply, "but what if it's super unleaded?"....and try my best to argue with him.

    Point is.....my vindictive side found a way to waste his time just like he wasted mine!:D
  9. maple city

    maple city LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm not as upset now as I was at the time. I am angry that I am forced to drive to another dealer 45 minutes away to get decent service. But with an attitude like that, he'll lose more customers than us.

    Why wouldn't the guy sell you all equip. of the same brand? Was it going to wipe out his inventory or something?
  10. Phishook

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    I think I know who you are talking about.

    they didn't take me serious when I was looking at a mower, so I drove to Fort Wayne and bought it. Then took it over there to get a set of blades.

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