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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by rhong, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. rhong

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    My father in law owns a Hustler 3300 that he bougth from the then nearest Hustler dealer in Atlanta. We live almost 100 miles away so the dealer told him if he ever needed parts he could call him and they would overnight the part to him.

    Within the last 6 months a local ExMark dealer took on the Hustler line.

    My father inlaw broke a belt and when he called his dealer, he was told they could no longer sell parts to him, that he would have to go to the dealer in his territory. Is this true?

    The big problem is the new dealer doesn't stock parts for the 3300 model and probably never will. What's up?
  2. mowerconsultant

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    You will need to have him buy it from his local dealer.
    The former dealer is now the distributor for the state, and can only sell parts to dealers.
    Have your father in law talk to the local dealer and express to him that he would like to buy parts from them in the future and the need for them to stock some fast moving parts.
    The distributor can help him with a recommended stocking list.
    Also, the dealer should be getting all his parts the day after he orders them.

  3. rhong

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    I think in the long run this situation will work itself out to be one my father in law will like better. If this dealer will start stocking the most requested parts and gets more knowledgebale about the entire line of Hustler mowers.

    I hope this will happen as this is the dealer I just bought my FasTrak from.

    Speaking of FasTrak. I had opened a previous post about my mower's controls being out os synch. The right one pushed forward about a 1/2 farther than the left and with both pushed all the way forward the mower turns slightly to the left. I would think it should track straight.

    You had replied to run it for 5 hours to be sure it didn't correct itself. I now have about 5 hours on it and there is no change.

    The neutral adjustment appears to be correct, no creeping, but the right control has more travel and runs a touch faster than the left.

    Is there a simple adjustment I can make to this or do I need to bring it to the dealer?
  4. Dagoose

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    I had the same problem, pretty simple fix. Pop the seat forward to give you access to the steering linkage. The manual points out the location of the rods. Each one has 2 jam nuts. If you're veering to the left, then your right wheel is spinning faster than your left. Loosen the left jam nuts and turn the linkage rod (can't remember which direction). Tighten the nuts and check the steering. If you're veering even more to the left, you've rotated the rod the wrong direction. Before making these changes, verify your tire pressure is even.

    Also, if one of the control levers seems to push further than the other, you'll need to loosen the 2 cap screws neer the bottom of the lever. It takes it bit of patience to get them perfect.
  5. mowerconsultant

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    Dagoose pretty much explained exactly what I was going to tell you.
    You could easily make this adjustment, or have your dealer do it for you.
    With the hours on the unit now, it definitely needs to be adjusted.


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