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Distributor won't call me back

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Green Grass, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Green Grass

    Green Grass LawnSite Member
    from MN
    Messages: 163

    My distributor that worked on my Mini Z back in June won't call me back. I have called them many times and they never call me back. My mini Z has paint peeling and they said that they took pictures to send to Hustler and they where going to mail me a copy have never sent me a copy and i have not heard anything about my issue. They also don't have my deck height set right to get a 3" cut i have to set my deck at 2 1/4". How can a company like Hustler not care about there customers enough to give them a call back or even an email all that this mower and company do is disapoint me.

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