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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by RhinoL&L, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. RhinoL&L

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    I have been looking around for a used mini, and I think I am set on a DW sk650. Seems to have the most power, and best lifting capacity. From everything Ive read on here as well as a few other sites, it seems like the DW outperforms most of the other brands in most areas except for the controls.

    My problem is I cant seem to find any used ones for sale. Has anyone bought a used DW, can you spill the marbles as to where these units can be found? I have been looking on machinery trader, CL, even ebay, and I really cant seem to find any! Does anyone have advise on where to find em?

  2. P.Services

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    Your right that is by FAR the best machine. Keep an eye on ebay and machinerytrader.com I have seen almost new machines on both sites go for 13-15k. New they are 27ish I believe.

    Oh shoot I just remembered I know of a NICE one for cheap pm me
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  3. RhinoL&L

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    pm sent.

    I would love to find a nice used machine for that price! I know it seems that they are more expensive than other units when purchased new, but i still cant get over the good things people say about them, and how much they outperform most other lines.
  4. greatdanerunner

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    I found mine used through the DW local dealer.
  5. SDLandscapes VT

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    Got a brand new one in September for $18K on a factory promo.....dealers typically have used ones and they are fair--at least the ones DWNE tried to sell to me. Wanted $14K for a machine with <200 hrs
  6. arbor pro

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    I have both a bobcat mt52 with 289 hrs and a DW sk500 with 640 hrs for sale. While not the sk650, either would make a great starter machine. Also have a lot of attachments for either machine so, if you aren't interested in one of my mini skids and do find a used 650, let me know if you'd be interested in a trencher, auger, 4-in1 bucket, tooth bucket, forks, carry-all, grapple bucket or stump grinder. I'll give a great package deal.

  7. White Gardens

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    I know you are sold on the DW, but you might want to find a Vermeer dealer and check out what they have to offer with the s series.

    Only reason I mention is that it's comparable to the DW with the full pilot (joystick)controls that I think sets it apart from DW.
  8. RhinoL&L

    RhinoL&L LawnSite Member
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    I have considered a vermeer, we actually had a 600tx and DW 350 on the same site moving soil to a backyard. The reason I shy away from the vermeer is because the experience we had with it. The DW 350 was able to drive into the pile of soil, while lifting and and curling the bucket. The vermeer struggled to do that and stalled two times. In terms of operator comfort and ease of operation, along with the visual appeal, the vermeer wins. For me, I dont mind sacrificing the controls or the look, as the DW is manageable with a little practice, and while I am concerned with looks and how they affect the company, the DW just looks old. I am more concerned about the machines ability to do the work I need it to - move material, dig, grade, run implements for planting, etc. Maybe the vermeer had problems, although everything functioned, just seemed underpowered.
  9. White Gardens

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    The SK650 does have 4 more horse or so, that could be all the difference.

    Makes me wonder if that is why Vermeer came out with the s800tx to compete in power and raise the tipping capacity to be able to move pallets of material.
  10. arbor pro

    arbor pro LawnSite Senior Member
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    I would imagine so. Just a matter of time before bobcat follows suit with a 30hp mini skid.

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