Ditch Witch XT850

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by G.L. In Ont, Aug 7, 2005.

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    Well Got the 850 in today. We had to flip it from Deere to Cat, but over all not a bad unit.

    Its quite a bit faster than my Boxer. Its got Way more lifting power but due to a Light material bucket it lacks break out force. But, I think if it had a standard sized bucket it would perform better.

    It seems to run my trencher alot better than my boxer, but that could be due to trenching in better soil.

    The back hoe end is pretty nice, but its kinda weird how everything moves back there. Instead of the boom swinging on a pivot (Like a normal hoe) it swings under and behind you. The boom only moves as an off set. The controls are electric servos instead of a pilot system which to me is a bit wierd since you cant feel anything load wise through the controls. But, it does dig well. It has a 18" tooth bucket on it, and that was a bit of a load and I don't think you could go muck bigger unless you had a CLEAN UP only bucket mounted.

    Over all, if I can get the dealer to go for my trade, I think I might get it..

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    Thanks for the info.

    How doe is look to do routine maintenance or change hoses on it? Blown hoses and wheel motors seemed to be the most common failures I'd read about.

    How many hours are on the one your demoing? Any evidence that it has had hose, wheel motor or sprocket changes? Just trying to get a feel for how common these changes are. In quite a few of the ones I'd seen for sale online, you could see new sprocket nuts installed indicated some kind of change.

    It was good to hear that it didn't seem underpowered. That concerned me a bit with a 26 HP motor pushing a 4000 lb machine. The replacement XT855 has a 32HP motor and I can't see any other significant changes. I wondered is being underpowered was a complaint on the XT850's.

    Anything else you notice as you get more time on it, please let us know. Thanks.

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    Just a quick update on the XT855 upgrades over the XT850.
    1. Upgraded the engine to the turbo charged version of the same engine with a gross of 32hp.
    2. Changed the drive belt from a cogged belt to a duel V-belt set up. This may seem like a small change, but now when your belt breaks you can probably find a cheap replacement at your local auto parts store.
    3. Ground drive motors changed from the Sauer motor with the tapered shaft to the Poclain motor with a bolt circle mount. No more key shear failures that require new sprocket and motor replacement.
    4. The sprocket is now a forged sprocket rather than a cast sprocket. This just means that the sprocket is now "tougher" with harder teeth that will last quite a bit longer than the cast sprockets.
    5. The main valve, diverter valves, and electronic controler are all located outside of the main frame and placed in an accessable "box" on the side of the machine. It makes for faster and easier maintenance.
    6. Excavator hoses changed from a 3000 psi hose to a 4000 psi hose with a abrasion resistance jacket.
    7. Ability to add on a bolt on Stabilizer Kit.
    8. Front idler wheel in the tracks now have the ability to be greased, and the other idler wheels are now "harder."

    There are more changes, but I'll have to look into it closer to figure them out. Also it was said by "J Peterson" that the boom only moves as an offset. I don't believe that is correct. The excavator has a swing function like any normal backhoe as well as an offset. One function is controlled with the left joystick, left to right, and the other is controlled with a "thumb" button on the joystick, left and right.

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    If anyone is looking for an xt850 and a whole attachment package, let me know. I'm almost done closing out my business and will be selling mine as a complete contractor package including:

    - 2006 xt850 with 800 hours - no issues and just serviced
    - DW SK5VP vibratory plow attachment
    - Toro auger head and like new 36" tree planting bit
    - Toro 36" trencher with new chain, teeth, roller and sprocket
    - Custom bucket grapple - opens to 45" (36" wide - built for an sk650 but works well on zt850 too for tree debris, etc)
    - HD 42" pallet forks (not the wimpy mini skid forks)
    - 50" GP bucket
    - 48" bulk bucket
    - 48" carry all/leveler

    Looking at $30k obo for entire package.

    scott 605.228.9350
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    can get some pics in next couple days.
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    is ditch witch still building this machine? I couldn't find anything about them on their website. maybe I missed something.
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    yes but the latest model is the xt855 just as the sk650 has been replaced by the sk655.

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