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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by swp, Mar 13, 2009.

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    Sorry for the cut and paste, but I thought it would be easier, I was directed to this thread by another member (thanks) Any info you guys could give me would be great.

    Well this is my first post. Been in the biz along time and have my own company but I am currently shopping for a new 410 and a Zahn to replace a aging 400SX and a great little 255. The 255 is worth keeping to me because the used market gives you pretty much nothing for them and mine is in good condition. The prices on a Zahn with a puller and trencher and a new 410 that I got seem WAY high especially since the economy is what it is right now. I was wondering is some of you are willing to share what they cost you to purchase. I am looking at a Zahn with a trencher attachment and a plow attachment and am very interested because of the versatility down the road and the 410 would be a clear choice for replacing my 400 (with a trencher, boring unit and plow). Thanks for any help ... I just found this site and I plan on using it ... what a great place!
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    Picasso, I confirmed the price yesterday with the rep and made sure it was for the machine and the high lift. I don't have anything in writing, but if or when I decide to pull the trigger and they don't honor that price I'll just walk. It seems like you got better prices on the attachments than I did the 44" bucket 499 forks 749 auger's 12" & 30" with the power head was 2899 but the real killer was the soil cultivator @ 9100
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    nope i got mine in the mail today and that the same price for the bucket and forks they gave me. i can get a full size set for a bobcat for less then that.

    i think im just going to get the bucket and then wait for stuff to come up for sale on ebay
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    picasso just get the lift arm and then you can buy your attachment from whomever. swp check on the soil cultivator, that must be the one that hooks via the zahn attachment method, just get one on your high lift.
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    We were the first to demo these units when they came out two years ago. For us the deal killer was the lack of tracks and mobility compared to the units we were goint to replace. For tight back yards I have yet to find a machine that can move material as efficiently through a 34" gate, self load and high dump as our tracked dumpers. In addition to running a trencher and auger when needed. We ended up buying the same units again for $12500.

    hi dump.JPG
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    where did you get your cormidi track loader from?
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    I have one with a high lift, bucket, and auger and just bought a bradco plow and am exploring trenchers. I have a few other mini attachments as well. I love it. It has less power than the sk650, but does MUCH less damage and is narrower too. The hopper option is great for mulch too. (over a yard at a time). Mine is wheeled and I bought it used, but if I were buying new the tracked version would be a must for mud and vibraplowing. (I have multiple peers who use both and swear by the tracked version.) The machine without attachments is only 60 inches long and it fits through a 36" gate. It fills a different gap than the traditional skid loader and is more versatile in my opinion. I only wish I could get it with a diesel, or some more size options.

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