Ditching my partner and going solo!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by H & M Yard Improvements, Sep 28, 2012.

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    My father went through the same thing. We were working 70+ hours a week while the partner worked 2 hours a day. He ended up buying out the other half, but they had no partnership documentation and all contracts were in my fathers name. Listen to the other guys and don't make the same mistake he did, if contracts, assets and debts are in your name show your "partner" to the door. If your company is a partnership, I would ask your lawyer/accountant on what your next move should be, but I'm pretty sure they'll tell you to buy him out and move on.
  2. Patriot Services

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    Get solo. Then get an employee. Don't look back.
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    First of all, why do you have a partner with 29 accounts let alone starting with 13? If your just starting out I wouldn't even consider bringing someone on as some major role until you have more than you can handle. And when I say more than you can handle, I mean working 60-7- hours a week with a truck full of workers. Partnerships can really only work if there is A LOT of work involved.

    Honestly this guy sounds like a prick. If you have no formal contract with him I would just split things up accordingly. If you want out and start fresh, take what ever you own. If everything is partially owned between you just take a buyout, like a depreciated percentage of what you put into it. The business is young and I really don't think this guy is just gonna up and leave because you want him out. What do you own that really gives you ownership to it? Just take what you own, get some money from him for what you don't own out right, and leave. Unless you own more than 50% of the business, then you can just kick him out. What evers easiest.
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    thank you, i really enjoy reading stories like this, especially with nothing on tv.
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    Sounds like you two are just cutting grass on the side take everything and get rid of his dead weight ass. He won't have the cash to take you to court from the sounds of it
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    Your partner is a Slacker and resents you taking responsibility for maintaing the accounts you established to a greater standard than he will ever know. Get out of this partnership ASAP and move forward.
    easy-lift guy
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    Ditto above...drop the zero and get to work...sorry, it just is not working out
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    I agree to drop him as well, He will only cause you more problems next season....
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    I dumped my partner and went solo after 6 weeks! I should have listened to my wife in the first place. LOL! Same reason. I did all the work. I had the knowledge of the business and he supposedly had knowledge in the business management end. To him, everything was more important than the business and at 6 weeks and absolutely no bookeeping system. I dumped him. Partnerships rarely work.
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    don't you just hate when your wife is right and you are wrong
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