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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by denis wilson, Feb 25, 2003.

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    i have had two ponds in my back garden for over 3 years now,none have any filters. Both are stocked with fish and plants and up to now everything has been fine. the size of the ponds are 8ft by 6ft and 2ft-6 ins deep.One pond is crystal clear but the other has cloudy,inky type water.I don't really want to intoduce a filter -any advice what i should do.

    denis wilson.
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    One thing to try is beneficial bacteria. It is sold in a powdered form here. Look for it from Aquascapes. Not sure who sells it by you or if it is approved for export. This product does not 'kill' algae, but rather 'eats' it as I recall. Another possiblity is to introduce more oxygen into the water with an aerating fountain. Some of these actually float on the water, others are hooked to a small pump on the bottom of the pond. Also, is this just a winter problem or year around?

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